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[Watch] Two Cute Malaysians Getting Married: Plot Twist, They’re Pomeranians!

[Watch] Two Cute Malaysians Getting Married: Plot Twist, They’re Pomeranians!

Yes, it is a REAL wedding, we’re not kidding.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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They finally did it guys. Minnie and Cooper finally tied the knot. It was such a beautiful wedding at Buttercopi dessert and bar. In a video posted on Facebook, Minnie and Cooper celebrated their wedding in holy extravagant matrimony on 30 April but plot twist, they’re both actually Pomeranians!

Their wedding might be more extravagant and exclusive than yours, you know. Just saying.
Minnie is the white fluffball looking so happy on her wedding while Cooper is the handsome brown lad steering the car (oh, so macho).
(Credit: @mnc_minnie_cooper / Instagram)

It all started when the two lovebirds met on Tinder. Kidding. The owners of the Mr and Mrs Pom Poms are actually a sweet couple named Jessica and her husband, Mr Choi. Being dog lovers, especially of their Pomeranians, they posted a video in the Malaysia Pomeranian Facebook group where Malaysians share the most adorable and amusing pics and videos of their own darling Pomeranians. They’re just so cute we can’t handle!

And you think your wedding dress is cute? Sorry, Minnie’s got you doubting now.
(Credit: Jessica)

In the Facebook group, Jessica or Jess shared the video of her two Poms getting married last month in a small ceremony. The video featured the almost 2 year old Cooper and one year old Minnie all dressed up in their red traditionals, getting ready for their big day. At the wedding, they even walked the aisle (with dedicated flower petal throws too) in a mini electric car okay! They’ve got class for sure!

We need the number of their wedding planner, please!
(Credit: PY Jess / Facebook, @buttercopi / Instagram)

With the intricate and merry wedding decorations (including photobooth and goody bags), they also have seats for all of their furry friends to watch the ceremony. And of course, seats for their owners too (but let’s be real here, who are we kidding, the owners are just the plus ones). There are even car parks (dog prams) outside of the event space.

Hey, this is a high-class event with dress codes okay, who wants to look ordinary when you can look fabulous?
(Credit: PY Jess / Facebook)
Their food is spectacular and they’re all for dogs!
(Credit: PY Jess / Facebook, @buttercopi / Instagram)

For food, they have dim sums, a wedding cake and even sorbets! It is for the hoomans or for the doggies? It’s actually all for the furbabies! The ingredients are all carefully checked by Jessica to be doggy-compliant as she is very particular on what her furbabies consume. Even the sorbet is salt and sugar free.

You may kiss the bride.
(Credit: PY Jess / Facebook, @buttercopi / Instagram)

After the wedding march, of course, there has got to be some officiating, right? There’s no officiator (sadly they can’t find someone who speaks the dog lingo) to be seen but hey they got the kiss! At least that’s something. Lastly, the couple got their family photo with their mom and dad as well as their beloved welcomed guests.

One little happy family, at their wedding!
(Credit: PY Jess / Facebook, @buttercopi / Instagram)

For more details, take a look at their wedding video done by @kai_theory, an travel influencer, owner of the event space and also owner of a cute pom here. If you’re wondering if this is legit a real wedding, hey, they have intricate costumes, real-looking food for dogs, a car, a wedding space, a wedding planner, a photographer and a separate videographer too. It doesn’t get more real than this, guys.

In an exclusive with TRP, Jessica mentioned that their wedding was done on Minnie’s birthday. Such sweethearts.

Minnie met Cooper when I brought her home to Cooper who was only 1 year old back then.

Instantly, their chemistry clicks and they have been together ever since.

Cooper is very loving towards Minnie as he never gets angry with her and he doesnt get close to other female poms too.

The purpose of the wedding is for my husband and I to give our blessing to them, so that they can stay lovely and healthy always. That’s all we wish.

Jessica to TRP

Additionally, the hooman couple is also a part of an exclusive and active Pomeranian club called the Puff & Tuft Pomeranian Club, a club based in the central region of peninsular Malaysia where they often organize gatherings and playdates. Trigger warning: Cuteness overload.

One of their playdates.
(Credit: @puffntuft / Instagram)
(Credit: Jessica)
(Credit: Jessica)

You can join the club too if you want, provided you have your own Pom and you’ve been to at least one playdate or gathering that they have organized. It’s quite an exciting club as they have frequent playdates (they have small monthly meets and also major events for festive seasons) – they even have a grooming class together!

Their Christmas party (left) and pet grooming session (right).
(Credit: Jessica, Pets Icon Grooming Academy / Facebook)

Jessica wanted to thank her Puff & Tuft community for being so supportive and hands-on on her furbabies’ wedding. If you wanna follow the married lives of Minnie and Cooper, you can head on to their Instagram profile @mnc_minnie_cooper. They’re such a sweet couple really. Congratulations to the family!

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