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Local Wedding Goes Haywire After Wedding Doves Poop All Over 

Local Wedding Goes Haywire After Wedding Doves Poop All Over 

Mother regrets ordering 50 wedding doves for her daughter after it poops all over the venue

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For some of us, a fairytale wedding is a dream come true. Whether it is to emulate one’s favourite Disney princess look or to excite fairy tale elements, many couples hope to bring their fairytale childhood dream to life on their special day. 

However, things can get tricky at times especially when it involves animals. Local producer, Datuk A. Aida or Zaidah Awang had to learn this the hard way. Aida recently bought 50 wedding doves to be released during her daughter’s wedding. 

The mother had wanted a fairytale wedding send-off as she believed it was romantic. But when the newlyweds opened the cage, the doves refused to fly away as they had hoped. Instead, the birds lingered at the wedding venue. 

The birds even pooped all over the resort, where the wedding took place. 

“My intention was to release them from being caged but instead of flying away, they decided to stay on. Now my resort is full of their poop.” said the producer in an interview with mStar

To make matters worse, the doves have yet to leave the venue. Hence, Aida has planned to hire professional help to relocate them. 

“I am looking for people to help me catch the birds. Whoever manages to catch them is considered theirs,” she said. She explained that it was because she would not be able to take care of the birds herself. 

When asked if she regrets her decision, she said she was just thankful she did not purchase more than initially planned. 

“I initially wanted to buy 100 doves, thank heavens the seller was out of stock! I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like if there were 100 doves hanging out on my resort’s rooftop.”

The wedding took place at the resort owned by Aida in Janda Baik, Pahang.

Her daughter, Wan Az Aleesa Wan Aminuddin tied the knot with pilot Zain Azrai Abdul Aziz.

Wan Az Aleesa is Aida’s daughter with former husband, Spring lead singer Ameng.

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