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Unlocking The Four-Letter Secret To Marketing And It’s Not What You Think

Unlocking The Four-Letter Secret To Marketing And It’s Not What You Think

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling (as long as it’s legal), this newly unlocked secret may very well put you on the road to success.

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Marketing has been around ever since the human race discovered product-selling.

We now have marketing gurus offering courses, books, podcasts and everything else under the sun to teach people how to market their products.

With various online platforms available, it is easy to drown in the seemingly endless strategies that every “guru” swear by. Deciding who to listen to and which strategy to employ can be even more taxing than the product development itself.

In what can be termed as an unintentional discovery, Malaysians unlocked a powerful marketing secret which appears to work.

The four-letter secret is not even a word recognised in official dictionaries: OYEN.

Are you talking about me? – TRP pic

Case 1: Zoo Negara

At one point, the national zoo was seeking donations because they did not have enough money to feed the animals under their care.

Donation drives were launched and appeals were made to the public for contributions. It succeeded for a spell and then the money dried up again.

However, when an outsider decided to move in to the zoo, things started to pick up.

The zoo started recording a high number of visitors because people were flocking to see this outsider.

Oyen made headlines when he made the capybara enclosure home and even befriended the rodents. The zoo took him in and visitors started pouring in to see Oyen.

Never mind that Oyen is actually an orange cat that you can find literally anywhere in Malaysia. A simple trip to a nearby 7-11 will result in an encounter with an Oyen. Yet Oyen Capybara helped the zoo bring in the visitors it desperately needed.

No, I’m not Oyen Capybara. My name is Obiwan Kenobi. – TRP pic

Case 2: Atok Serban

A grandfather, who we can safely say had zero intentions of marketing himself and was just attending a cat expo went viral because his orange cat decided to climb on top of his serban while he navigated the crowd.

The video went insanely viral that Malaysia Hari Ini managed to find the Oyen, whose real name is Elly, and invited both, the cat and her grandfather to the show.

Mohd Ali Ridza Abdul Latif said Elly is a four-month old kitten who loves to sit on his shoulders. However when he brought Elly to the cat expo, she hopped on his serban, perhaps out of panic at seeing so many people.

Panicky or not, her seemingly innocent act is a fine example of how Oyen is indeed the four-letter secret we successfully unlocked.

Simba does not enjoy sitting on a serban. – TRP pic

Case 3: King Oyen

With the Putrajaya Merdeka Parade currently in rehearsal mode, an orange cat made heads turn as he attended with his owner.

Known as King Oyen, the ginger feline has over 26k followers on TikTok.

He was spotted at the rehearsals wearing a Jalur Gemilang outfit complete with a little tanjak (headgear) on his head and sunglasses.

One sharing on TikTok of Oyen at the parade rehearsals garnered over 42k Likes since it was uploaded.

@c.minusz Oyen Merdeka At Dataran Putrajaya #cat #catsoftiktok #malaysia #merdeka ♬ Keranamu Malaysia by SXKEI – ImannAlep

So what is the deal with Oyen?

First of all, Oyen is not a legitimate word. It is simply the local slang for the English word Orange. This of course refers to the cat’s ginger coat.

The personality of orange cats which is often associated with being friendly and mischievous (note that this also applies to cats of any colour), gives them an added appeal for people to whip out their cameras whenever an Oyen is spotted.

Peekaboo, I see you. – TRP pic

Perhaps it is the bright orange coat that attracts people on a subconscious level?

Oyen often find themselves in ridiculous predicaments as can be seen in the various videos being shared of firemen being called to help them out of various situations.

A Happy Fresh rider once went viral when he received an order of cat food and paper plates, but that’s not all. He even obliged a request to help feed a hungry Oyen family cat whose employees had gone out for baju raya shopping but accidentally forgot to feed their orange employer.

Based on these findings, it is safe to conclude that if you are still toying with which marketing strategy out there is the best one for you, the obvious choice is to hire an Oyen staff.

While we have you here, remember to adopt and not shop. As mentioned earlier, the streets are home to many stray cats and they all deserve a happy and comfortable home.

Take one home instead of buying from breeders.

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