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Korean Superstar Ji Sung Plays Two Roles In New Gripping Crime Drama
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Korean Superstar Ji Sung Plays Two Roles In New Gripping Crime Drama

Adamas is a mystery drama about two brothers finding their stepfather’s murderer that will air this 27 July on Disney+ Hotstar.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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Do you love crime-action dramas, especially Korean ones?

If you do, you’re in luck!

Adamas is a Korean drama about two twin brothers finding the real culprit behind their beloved stepfather’s murder. Guess who was framed for the murder? Their own birth father! That’s some real family drama they have there.

22 years after the gruesome murder, the twin brothers, Ha Woosin and Song Suhyeon grew up to be a prosecutor and a mystery novelist respectively. They found out that their birth father was wrongly accused and sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

(Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Determined to unravel the truth, the twins use their special skills to seek out the real murderer while also finding Adamas, a blood-covered diamond arrow that’s supposedly the key to detangling all the mystery.

It’s filled with familiar faces!

The drama stars our legendary versatile actor, Ji Sung as both the twins.

Not his first time portraying multiple characters in a drama (he played a guy with a multiple personality disorder, having 7 characters in Kill Me Heal Me), Ji Sung was asked how different this was compared to his previous role, in a press conference earlier today. in a new tab)

It was quite a different role for me. The seven personalities before had clashing identities in one person. So to me, each character was different.

But this one, it was twin brothers, so they’re like very similar to each other but with slight differences. So I had to pay atention to those nuances. That was quite a challenge for me.

Ji Sung

Also starring in the drama is Seo Jihye as Eun Hyesu, the spiteful daughter-in-law of a CEO, Lee Sookyung as a local news reporter, Kim Seohui and Heo Sungtae as Choi Taeseong, a Chief Officer.

From the left: Ji Sung, Seo Jihye, Park Seungwoo, Lee Sookyung, and Heo Seungtae.
(Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

You may have seen Seo Jihye in Crash Landing On You, the romantic-comedy drama about two individuals from North and South Korea falling in love. She played the guy’s cold fiancee who studied music, Seo Dan.

Also, you may also think, “Hey, I’ve seen this guy somewhere”. Yeap you definitely have. Heo Sungtae starred as the gangster or player 101, Jang Deoksu in Squid Game. He’s the one who bullied all the other players, remember?

It’s not Amadas or Adidas, it’s Adamas, the diamond arrow

As the director Park Seungwoo playfully jokes, “we know the name of the drama might be mispronounced a couple of times but it’s just Adamas. As simple as that. Not Amadas. Not Adidas. Just Adamas”.

The mystery and crime drama will air on 27 July 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar.

Watch the full trailer here.

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