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Transform Your Home Into A Cinema, Arcade Or Workstation With Samsung’s 65″ OLED 4K S95C TV [Review]

Transform Your Home Into A Cinema, Arcade Or Workstation With Samsung’s 65″ OLED 4K S95C TV [Review]

The Samsung 65″ OLED 4K S95C TV is an impressive high-end device that offers superb picture quality, OK sound, and tons of smart functions.

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It’s not farfetched to say that the television is the heart of the home.

Whether it’s in the living room, the bedroom or tucked away in the man cave or the lady’s lair. The TV is the centre of activities and interactions in any Malaysian household and can connect, captivate, and inspire people of all shapes and sizes.

But getting the right TV does make a difference between having an object to stare at and having a device that can give you a viewing experience like no other.

And to that, we say that the Samsung 65″ OLED 4K S95C TV makes a great contender if you’re thinking of transforming your home into a cinema, an arcade or a WFH (work from home) station with smart features and stunning performance to boot.

Samsung was kind enough to send us one to try out. So, here’s what we think.

Stunning picture quality

As the name suggests, the TV comes with an HDR-optimised OLED panel with self-illuminating pixels and is Pentone-validated, and calibrated to display deep blacks, crisp whites and vibrant colours that just pop out of the screen.

The TV also uses Quantum Dot technology that boosts the brightness and colour range of the screen. This is supposed to make it suitable for any lighting condition. But, we did find that the TV still has a slight glare and becomes reflective if you have it directly facing the windows during the day.

Despite this, the TV is powered by Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K, which uses AI to upscale everything on the screen and make almost any content look nice and sharp as if it were a native 4K video.

This makes it perfect for viewing regular, free-to-air channels (like TV3 or whatever. But, who watches regular TV programs anyway… LOL), as well as 1080p HD videos.

But the TV really shines when viewing Ultra HD content, as it also supports HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision formats. Watching nature documentaries on this thing feels like you’re right there in the action and able to touch every feather, fur and slithery scale that appears on screen.

The TV also has a motion rate of 144Hz, meaning that it shows smooth and clear motion without lag or blur so it’s excellent for watching fast action movies, sports, and best of all, gaming as it will automatically switch to Game Mode whenever you want to play and optimizes the picture settings accordingly to give it more contrast and clarity.

This is further enhanced by the TV’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro and FreeSync Premium functions for smoother gameplay and low latency.

We tried this out on three different generations of gaming consoles, and let’s just say that you can definitely take full advantage of those iFrames and make split-second decisions without it feeling jerky and slow. Even the oldest of games looks good and feels like they might have been released just yesterday.

You can also set the TV to various picture modes or just leave it on Dynamic or Movie mode to optimize the brightness and colour settings based on what you’re watching. However, I prefer to manually increase the brightness and contrast to make it look better to my eyes.

Meh, sound quality

The TV has Dolby Atmos sound system speakers that fire from the back, top and sides, and its own built-in subwoofers that deliver deep bass—providing a nice 3D stereo sound effect.

However, like most TVs, the sound coming from this thing is a little muffled, where the background music and sound effects are louder than speaking voices and dialogue without you having to manually tune the settings (something which most people aren’t really keen on doing).

Even its automatic and adaptive sound functions don’t do much to remedy this problem on its own.

The TV also has an OTS+ feature that is supposed to track the action on screen and make it sound dynamic and more realistic. But honestly, you wouldn’t even notice it.

Then again, if you’re willing to drop more than RM15,000 on this TV, we’re willing to bet that you’d also want to get a proper sound system to accompany it, like the Samsung Q800C Soundbar. So it shouldn’t be a problem.

Really smart features

The TV also has voice control and allows you to search for content and adjust the settings by speaking to the remote. It comes with Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant support. It has a web browser, an app store, and various streaming services built-in like Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify. The TV remote can also be charged using solar power.

But what really grabbed our attention was the fact that you could connect the TV wirelessly to your phone, computers (Microsoft PC and Mac) and even a camera to use as a webcam—turning it into one heck of a workstation monitor.

It also comes with a split-screen function, making it easy to multitask. However, you’ll only get audio from one of the screens displayed.

And although we didn’t get to try it out, the TV is also optimised for the Samsung SmartThings platform that enables it to connect with other Samsung smart devices to turn your home into an automated living space.

Elegant design

Although this is a huge TV, it’s still a sleek and minimalist machine that can blend well with any decor. Its slim bezels make the TV look even bigger, and its thin metal stand, which attaches to the back, does well to support it. But, if you have kids running around or are just clumsy, we suggest mounting it to the wall instead as it can still topple over if you bump it hard enough.

But what’s fun about the TV is that it has a separate One Connect Box that houses all of its ports and power supply, making it easy to install and connect devices like your Astro decoder for easy access. This also makes the entire setup look neat and tidy without having a tangle of cables dangling from it.

Final verdict

The Samsung 65″ OLED 4K S95C TV is an impressive high-end device that offers superb picture quality, OK sound, and tons of smart functions.

Although it’s pricey and may not be affordable for everyone, you’ll still get your money’s worth out of it whether you’re using it for watching movies, sports, streaming online content, playing video games or working.

Check out this video to learn more.

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