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Grab ‘Lejens’ Gets Their Own Lejen-dary Comic Drawn By Local Cartoonist Gayour

Grab ‘Lejens’ Gets Their Own Lejen-dary Comic Drawn By Local Cartoonist Gayour

Grab introduced Grab Lejen to honour and reward those who are exemplary to what it means to be a hero.

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In conjunction with Grab’s 10th anniversary, this year’s annual Grab Lejen search was entirely crowdsourced, raking in close to 1,500 heartwarming submissions from Malaysians nationwide.

Collaborating with Gayour, Malaysia’s renowned cartoonist behind the 90’s cult local comic series, “Bersama Selamanya”, Grab is proud to present this year’s Grab Lejens: 

Walter Tan, Driver Super Setia
After finding out about the unfortunate night a passenger was having Walter kept her company to ensure her safety and even refused payment as he only wanted to help.  
Dewa Ameerudjaulah, Driver Super Jujur
An honest driver-partner who travelled more than an hour in the pouring rain to return a pair of hearing aids to his passenger. 
Muhammad Mustaqim, Rider Super Berani
Mustaqim took courage and helped an ambulance that was stuck in heavy traffic by guiding it and alerting others to give way. 
Kamarul Ahmad, Driver Super Sabar
Kamarul helped a mother in need when her car broke down just as she needed to pick up her kids from school. 
Izzad Aiman, Rider Super Prihatin
During a storm, Izzad took it upon himself to clear a drain that was causing the water level to rise, helping to ease the situation for other drivers on the road. 
Mohd Sazwandi Sumarti, Rider Super Bertanggungjawab
Sazwandi noticed a man who fainted as he was crossing the road and rushed over to help while stopping the incoming traffic. He even waited with him until an ambulance arrived.
Ahmad Azfar Syazwan, Rider Super Kental
During heavy rain, Syazwan met with an accident and even though he could have been injured, he continued on with his delivery to make sure the eater got their meal.
Rosyaffiq, Rider Super Baik Hati
After a restaurant had forgotten to include a toy in a kids’ meal that was being delivered, Rosyaffiq took the effort to travel back and forth just so he could put a smile on the child’s face. 

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Gayour says that Grab drivers and delivery partners have played an essential role in the lives of all Malaysians and changed the way the rakyat goes about their daily lives, especially since the pandemic.

The Grab Lejen award is a great way to recognise them for the sacrifices they have made to make an honest living. I hope that these Grab Lejen comics not only entertain Malaysians but also inspire them to do more good and spread more kindness to those around them.


Don’t forget to show your support for these hardworking Malaysians by voting for your favourite on Grab Lejen till 15 November 2022 and stay tuned to find out the Lejen-dary stories with the most votes!

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