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Open Letter To Malaysia’s Foreign Affairs Minister [Opinion]

Open Letter To Malaysia’s Foreign Affairs Minister [Opinion]

An open letter from Nur Liyana Razak to Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir.

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By Nur Liyana Razak

Dear YB Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir,

I am sure you are aware, or your officers have briefed you, regarding a posting made by @mufidamusa on Instagram calling on Malaysians to write to the UN Office in KL, to the Ministry itself, and tag Malawakil New York on social media.

This is regarding her idea to invoke the “Uniting for Peace” Resolution (UNGA Resolution 377) by calling an Emergency UN General Assembly. Whilst this is a noble effort on her part, I know that the true power lies in yourself as Malaysia’s highest-ranking diplomat and a representative for the Foreign Ministry in Cabinet.

I know that writing to the UN Office in Malaysia won’t make a difference because the UN Office in Malaysia is purely administrative, running UN-led programs in our country – UNICEF, UNHCR, etc. They do not have the power to agree for a resolution to be brought to an emergency UNGA session.

I know that tagging @MYNewYorkUN1 is also ineffective as they are merely Malaysia’s physical representation at the United Nations. Any policies/resolution decisions/proposals will be drawn up and decided in Putrajaya, led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I also know that writing to/tagging the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself could also be ineffective due to government bureaucracy. Messages received by the Ministry would go through Bahagian Komunikasi dan Diplomasi Awam, which reports to an Undersecretary, then a Deputy Secretary-General, and then a Secretary-General. This is too urgent of a matter to go through so many layers.

YB Dato’ Seri, the decision maker of the Ministry is you.

You can decide that yes, Malaysia needs to call a UNGA Emergency Session and instruct Malawakil New York to do the necessary.

You are the only one who can agree that Malaysia invokes the ‘Uniting for Peace’ Resolution (GA377). As you are well aware YB Dato’ Seri, sovereign nations not part of the UNSC have brought GA377 to an UNGA Emergency Session 5 times before this.

You also sit in Cabinet to collectively agree on the Government’s decisions/stands/policies etc. You can bring a Cabinet Paper for Malaysia to push for the UNGA Emergency Session and invoke GA377 to Cabinet and get the Prime Minister’s approval.

So please Sir, as a fellow Malaysian, show that we can do more than mere rhetoric and statements of condemnation. Our diplomatic endeavours must be coupled with tangible actions. The situation in Palestine is not merely another item on the agenda of international affairs; it is a test of our commitment to the values we as Malaysians claim to cherish, and hope that you will carry on our behalf to the UN.

Thank you YB Dato’ Seri.

Nur Liyana Razak is a Malaysian real estate agent and finance accountant.

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