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The Million-Ringgit Man: How One Malaysian Cracked The Code To EPF Success

The Million-Ringgit Man: How One Malaysian Cracked The Code To EPF Success

At just 45 years old, he has amassed a staggering RM1 million in his EPF savings. His secret? A combination of smart financial moves, job-hopping savvy, and an unwavering commitment to securing his future.

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A 45-year-old IT professional is quietly revolutionizing how Malaysians think about retirement savings.

With a provident fund balance recently crossing the RM1 million mark, this unassuming motorcycle-riding family man proves that anyone can build a substantial nest egg with the right strategies.

According to Nur Fadhli Bassar, a friend of the EPF millionaire, the key to his success lies in four simple yet effective tricks.

First and foremost, a stable job with a sufficient salary is essential.

Secondly, consistently contributing to one’s EPF account is non-negotiable.

The man in question started by paying 11% of his salary, gradually increasing his contributions to 12% and 13%.

But it’s not just about putting money away; it’s also about managing it wisely.

The EPF millionaire’s third trick is maintaining an emergency savings fund, which allowed him to weather the Movement Control Order (MCO) storm without dipping into his retirement savings.

The Job-Hopping Genius: Unlocking the Power of Strategic Career Moves

Finally, the fourth and perhaps most intriguing trick is his mastery of “job-hopping.”

By changing employers eight times throughout his career, he has strategically increased his salary and, consequently, his EPF contributions.

The results speak for themselves.

With a 5.4% dividend in 2023, the man received a staggering RM54,154 from his EPF savings.

If he were to retire today, he could comfortably spend RM4,512 per month without touching his RM1 million principal.

If he continues to work until age 60, his EPF balance is projected to exceed RM2 million, potentially providing him with a monthly pension of RM10,000.

In a nation where financial literacy is often lacking, and retirement planning feels like an afterthought, this man’s story is a powerful reminder that anyone can secure a comfortable future with the right mindset and strategies.

As more Malaysians look to emulate his success, one thing is clear: the road to financial freedom is paved with smart choices, consistency, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

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