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[Watch] The Struggle And Resilience Of A Couple’s RM5 Meal Venture

[Watch] The Struggle And Resilience Of A Couple’s RM5 Meal Venture

A good samaritan purchases the entire day’s meal set from a couple striving to make ends meet, bringing them to tears of gratitude.

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In a modest attempt to make a difference in their community, a couple from Petaling Jaya embarked on a heartwarming venture, offering RM5 economical meal sets right from the front of their home.

Each meal, lovingly prepared and served with a complimentary air sirap drink, was meant to provide a helping hand to those in need.

However, the couple faces an uphill battle, with sales reaching a maximum of just 15 meals a day.

The wife shared that the return on investment remains elusive despite changing the menu daily and investing RM300 in cooking materials.

Since starting their business in December last year, they have struggled to attract patrons, with some weeks passing without a single sale.

“We once suffered through a whole week without any sales. We both cried. We felt devastated as we sat there, and no one came to buy our food,” she recounted, her voice heavy with emotion.

Compounding their challenges is the couple’s responsibility to care for their child with autism, limiting their ability to operate in more lucrative locations and without the convenience of transportation.

In a touching turn of events, a good samaritan who learned about their plight bought the couple’s daily produce and distributed it to neighbours and those in need.

The gesture moved the couple to tears as they received far more than they had expected for their day’s work.

“We pray that you live a long life and that your life is filled with blessings. Thank you very much for your kind deeds because we are poor people,” they said, wiping away tears.

A Tale of Hope, Hardship, and Humanity

The couple’s story has resonated widely, garnering praise and admiration from netizens inspired by their tenacity and perseverance.

Many have left messages of support, highlighting the couple’s dedication to their family and serving their community despite facing personal hardships.

“How just and merciful God is. No matter how difficult we encounter, as long as we remain patient and work hard, God will send blessings somehow,” one netizen commented.

“They are great; despite their difficulties, they still help others. May everything go smoothly,” another added.

In the face of adversity, this couple’s journey is a poignant reminder of the power of resilience and the impact of small acts of kindness.

Their story sheds light on their struggles and serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity within the community.

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