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[Watch] Penniless Father Cries After Getting Free Food For His Kids

[Watch] Penniless Father Cries After Getting Free Food For His Kids

The father said he would come back to pay for the food, but the restaurant insists it is free.

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Sacrifice is part and parcel of a parent’s life. 

A father, who was penniless, went viral after he was forced to go to a restaurant in Kajang for help.

According to the restaurant owner, Mohd Shafie, the restaurant was about to close at the time of the incident.

He suddenly received a call from the staff, indicating that someone had asked for free food.

He pointed out that a closed-circuit television (CCTV) was installed in the restaurant.

So, he opened the link on his mobile phone to find out what happened through the CCTV.

From the CCTV footage, it is believed that the man is in distress.

He told the staff to prepare two extra large portions of food for him without further ado.

When the employee handed over the food to the man, the father could not hold back his tears for a moment and kept expressing his gratitude to the employee.

Mohd Shafie to mStar on the father couldn’t hold back his emotions.

He pointed out that the father, who was in distress, also said he would return to pay when he had money.

However, the employees told the latter that this was their wish and that he did not need to worry about it.

The father left afterwards while wiping away tears.

When A Man Becomes A Father

Mohd Shafie, who shared the incident with mStar, said the man only appeared once in his restaurant, and he never saw him again.

He said that seeing such a bleak picture made him feel sad.

However, it also made him feel deeply that a father’s love for his children is amazing.

My wife is three months pregnant, and we will welcome our first child. Since we are about to become parents, we can understand how a father cares for and protects his child.

Mohd Shafie to mStar on his feeling of empathy to the father.

He revealed that around his restaurant, he often sees many homeless people suffering from hunger.

As such, he hopes to join a voluntary charity group to help some vulnerable groups in need.

If we have the ability, we should give full play to the spirit of great love and help the disadvantaged so that they can gain some warmth even in hardship.

Mohd Shafie to mStar on being more blessed to give than to receive.

After the video was uploaded on social media, netizens got into heated discussions.

They praised Shafie’s actions and blessed the good samaritan.

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