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[Watch] Ang Pow Anxiety: Aggressive Cleaners In Klang Demand Red Envelope

[Watch] Ang Pow Anxiety: Aggressive Cleaners In Klang Demand Red Envelope

Amidst Chinese New Year celebrations, a disturbing trend emerges as cleaning workers abandon duties for red envelope collections.

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The Chinese New Year festivities in Klang, Selangor, have been marred by an unexpected controversy.

Residents have expressed their frustration over cleaning workers going door-to-door.

Some workers, reportedly including a man accused of being a Rohingya, have been demanding red envelopes – a traditional monetary gift for special occasions such as the Lunar New Year.

A resident captured one such encounter on video and shared it on social media, which has since ignited a heated debate.

In the footage, a worker in the uniform of a waste management company is seen persistently knocking on doors, seeking red envelopes with an assertiveness likened to debt collection.

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The video shows the resident confronting the worker, demanding identification and a work permit.

Despite being asked to leave, the cleaner attempts to continue his solicitation at neighbouring houses, only desisting when the resident ensures he exits the residential area.

Festive or Forceful? Tensions Over Rights, Culture and Rohingya Resentment

This incident has provoked a discussion on social media and raised broader questions about the intersection of cultural traditions, workers’ rights, and community standards.

While some netizens sympathize with the worker’s desire for additional income during the festive season, others point out the disruption of services and the aggressive approach taken.

Some netizens suggest there is no need to scold the individual involved verbally; a simple request for them to leave should suffice.

They argue that if the person refuses to comply, the appropriate course of action would be to contact the authorities and allow them to handle the situation according to legal and administrative protocols.

The incident in Klang also touches upon a sensitive and complex issue: the negative sentiment towards the Rohingya community in Malaysia.

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority group from Myanmar, have faced severe persecution in their home country, leading many to flee as refugees to other nations, including Malaysia.

Precarious Refugees or Lawless Line-Crossers?

The incident with the cleaning worker being identified as a suspected Rohingya can exacerbate these tensions by reinforcing negative stereotypes.

It highlights the precarious situation of the Rohingya in Malaysia, where they often occupy low-paying, informal jobs and may resort to unconventional means to supplement their income, especially during festive seasons when the financial pressures are greater.

Furthermore, some locals have confronted Rohingya refugees for allegedly abusing their United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) status to engage in unlawful activities instead of working legally.

This incident risks sparking more resentment from Malaysians who feel the Rohingya are overstepping their bounds and violating community standards.

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