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Local Influencer Records Herself Working 9-5 In LRT 

Local Influencer Records Herself Working 9-5 In LRT 

She only recommends this for those with a long-lasting laptop battery and neck brace.

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Trains these days seem to be the go-to place for most youngsters. Aside from just using the train to commute, it has now become popular for youths to also utilise the trains for content on social media. 

Influencer @ivor_xianz is the latest example of this. Over the weekend, the content creator decided to give working at the LRT a try since she has not done it before for any of her videos. 


Known for the tagline, ‘Ivor trying so you don’t have to’, Ivor detailed the experience of working a 9 to 5 shift on the LRT in her TikTok. 

As seen in the clip, she began her journey at 10am, dressing formally and bringing along a portable table to do work on the train. Lucky for her, she had no trouble finding a seat as there were not many passengers on board. 

At first, the TikToker found the experience to be joyful. This was because she got to indulge in the air-conditioned space and the different sceneries outside the window. 


The perks of taking the public transport is I can finish my work while I’m heading to my work 😂 working 9-5 at this ‘co-working’ space like digital nomad

♬ original sound – Ivor trying so u dont hve to

But after an hour, she started feeling pain in her neck as she had to keep looking down at her laptop. 

To make matters worse, she was not allowed to eat or drink since passengers are prohibited from doing so on the LRT. So, when it came to lunchtime, she left the train to eat. 

“I dropped off at Dang Wangi station and I eventually stumbled across this cafe called Tapestry. 7 minutes walk from Dang Wangi station,” said the influencer in the video. 


Once lunch was over and her laptop was charged, she returned to the LRT to continue her shift. Sadly, her neck pain returned after a few hours of work, leading her to get up and walk for a bit before continuing her work again. 

But towards the peak hours, she was unable to continue as the LRT got crowded, which led her to end the shift. 

Impressed with her initiative 

Many in the comment section had a lot to say about the work shift. Users were very impressed with her ability to work on the train without having motion sickness and internet facilities. 

Others were so amazed and encouraged her to do this again on the Putrajaya MRT route. 


Although Ivor found the experience to be fun and affordable, she would not recommend this for those without a long-lasting laptop battery and a neck brace. 

5 Cafe Locations That Are Suitable For ‘Digital Nomads’ To Work

But for those of you who prefer the conventional working space, you can give these 5 cafes a try! These five cafes across the Klang Valley have some of the best working space. 

They are: 

  1. Hiatri Cafe
  1. Moontree House
  1. Breathing Space
  1. Feekah Coffee Roasters 
  1. Baiwago Plus Cafe

Let us know in the comments section if we missed out on any other cafes!

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