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Netizens Calls Out EPF Employee For Racist Online Sentiment 

Netizens Calls Out EPF Employee For Racist Online Sentiment 

EPF has emphasised that the employee’s racist views are not a representation of their company’s values.

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Netizens are calling out an alleged employee of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for making racist statements regarding the celebration of Deepavali. She was said to have made the comments on Twitter, and a fellow user highlighted her remarks to EPF.

According to the Twitter thread, the user had tweeted about the current sufferings of the Palestinian people. She was reflecting upon how it was unjust for them to undergo the current bombings. 


It was then she stated that she would not have survived in that situation since she could not even stand the sounds of Indians playing with fireworks during Deepavali. 

As expected, her tweets circulated and caught the attention of many local Indians on the platform. Many were rightfully offended and furious over her sentiments. Two users, in particular, called out her for it. 

The first user, ayividinihsrad, called her out for displaying double standards with Indians.

“Yes, the ‘keling’ race that let up firecrackers during Hari Raya and CNY. When other races do it, it is okay. But when Indians do it, we get complaints for doing so,” wrote Ayividinihsrad. 

Thendral, the second user, however, not only called her out but also highlighted this to her employment company. 

EPF then replied by thanking him for notifying them and noting that her views are not a representation of their company values. 


Cover up her tracks? 

The offender has since apologised for her tweets, arguing that she did not mean for it to come across that way. She has also since made her account private. 

Despite her apology, many felt that she was being ingenuine given that she has tweeted in a similar nature for years.


Netizens indeed felt she was only apologising because she was publicly caught and held accountable for her words. 

Pot calling the kettle black?

While her words definitely were uncalled for, one of the users who called her out has also come under fire for his previous remarks about the local Malay population.

Thendral, who highlighted this to EPF, has previously used the racial slur “meleis” to refer to some local Malays. He noted how they were the “virus” that is plaguing Malaysia’s development as a whole.

As such, there were users who felt that he had no right to be offended. Given that he had also used a racial slur, they assumed him to be the same as the current offensive Twitter user.

But Thendral has defended himself by noting that the usage of the slur is not within the same context. He argued that the term “meleis” is only used to refer to the “backward-thinking, racist people who are Malays.” 

The alleged EPF employee’s racial slur usage, according to Thendral, was used to describe Indians in a derogatory manner as a whole.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Thendral? Or do you think he was mistakenly using a racial slur too? Do you also think that KWSP should take action against the employee? 

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