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Local Mother Shocked After Learning Of Her Daughter’s Gambling Habits At School 

Local Mother Shocked After Learning Of Her Daughter’s Gambling Habits At School 

The mother was shocked to find out that her eight-year-old daughter earned over RM1,550 from gambling at school.

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There are a lot of things that children learn at school. But gambling is surely not one of them. So, imagine this mother’s surprise when she learned that her eight-year-old daughter had been doing so in school. 

According to her post on Facebook, she first learned of this when she went shopping at Gurney Paragon Mall in Penang with her daughter. The schoolgirl had seen a bag worth RM899 and wanted to purchase it. 

With a hefty price tag, the mother was reluctant to buy it. But to her surprise, the eight-year-old reassured her that she did not need to fork out any of her money. The young girl then took out RM1,550 from her school bag. 


The mother was obviously stunned by the sight as the young girl only gets RM50 per week for lunch and other school expenses. 

“After making sure that my husband was not the one who gave my daughter money, I went home and slowly talked with my daughter about why she had so much money,” said the worried mom in her post. 

It was then revealed that her daughter had been gambling amongst her friends during recess. And since her classmates were from high-income families, she was able to earn that amount of money. 

“After listening to it, I was surprised and angry. I did not know whether I should be happy or worried.” 


Hence, she consulted the internet, asking for their thoughts on the matter. Some netizens shared her sentiment, urging her to discourage the daughter from continuing this habit. 

While the rest echoed her husband’s perspective, taking the matter lightly. In fact, they even encouraged the daughter’s habit as they believed the young girl has a gift. And if cultivated properly, she may be able to go places with it. 

But what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is advisable for the mother to cultivate this habit? Or should she stop this from happening again? 

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