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Subang Jaya’s “Uncle Cat” Dives Into Drain In Heavy Rain To Rescue Kittens 

Subang Jaya’s “Uncle Cat” Dives Into Drain In Heavy Rain To Rescue Kittens 

The good Samaritan went viral after saving two kittens from drowning in a large drain.

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A local samaritan is going viral on TikTok following a heroic rescue mission. The man known as Patrick Yee saved two kittens from drowning in a drain. 

Despite the heavy rain, Yee admirably went down and picked up the two feral animals. According to the TikTok video, the kittens were stuck in a drain in front of a shop. 

In spite of its cries, passersby could not help as the drain’s cover was too heavy to lift. A group of firefighters were then called to the scene to rescue the animals. 


Though they could have broken down the drain’s cover, they were not allowed to do so since they did not have the store owner’s permission. As such, the firefighters unfortunately could not do anything about the situation. 

Passersby were indeed advised to scatter from the scene to allow the mother of the kittens to take her cubs. But after waiting a while, Yee realised that the mother cat was not going to return anytime soon. 

Considering that it was going to rain even more heavily, Yee went down the drain to save the kittens himself. 

“The rain was getting heavier, the water level in the drain was getting higher and higher. If we left the kittens there, they would have died.


“Since the drain was filled with rubbish, worms, rats, what other options did we have?” wrote TikTok user, Noreenrizan, who detailed the whole incident online. 

Fortunately, the kittens were saved by Yee. And upon its rescue, Noreenrizan took them home to bathe and feed them. She has also since put them up for adoption.

More about Patrick Yee 

Known as “Uncle Cat” among locals, Yee regularly feeds the stray cats in Subang Jaya. Yee would buy cat food every morning from Noreenrizan, who owns a cat grooming centre. 

According to Noreenrizan, Yee finds great passion in taking care of the stray cats around the area. She noticed that he was the only customer to buy cat food from her, just to feed the strays. 

Yee’s gesture and kind heart are certainly admirable. In fact, he is a living example of the sentiment that not all heroes wear capes. May this incident teach us all to be kind and compassionate.

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