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[Watch] Proton Meow: Elusive Kitten Sees Car Owner Making Two Trips To The Mechanic To Get Him Out

[Watch] Proton Meow: Elusive Kitten Sees Car Owner Making Two Trips To The Mechanic To Get Him Out

The couple heard what sounded like a cat meowing in their car engine bay while on the road.

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Cats are believed to have nine lives and maybe that could be the reason that they are sometimes curious and cheeky.


Recently a married couple shared their experience on TikTok of saving a kitten that was stuck in their car.

While driving, the couple suddenly heard meows coming from the engine bay of the car.

Worried, they stopped by the roadside to investigate but could not find the cat.

They did not want to take the risk and brought the car to a mechanic and asked for the help of the workers at the premises involved to check the vehicle.

After searching the car, the workshop workers informed that they could not find the kitten that was said to be in the car’s engine.

So, the couple continued their journey to return home. But while driving, they heard the meowing again.

After a thorough search, they discovered the sound was coming from the area near the car tire.

So to remove the poor furball, they returned to the same workshop the next day.

Knowing where to focus, the workers jacked the car and began inspecting the area behind the tire. The kitten had apparently entered underneath the car’s body kit and couldn’t find his way out.

It is understood that the kitten does not belong to the driver and he does not know where he came from.

The video has received a lot of attention, reaching 2.5 million views as of press time.

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In the comment section, various reactions were given by netizens after they watched the video.

Some netizens expressed pity for the kitten because it was in the area under the car which was quite hot.

At the same time, netizens also praised the couple for their effort to get the kitten out.

“Congratulations sir. You are very caring. May God ease your affairs for saving this cute cat,” said the netizen.

Some netizens were amused to see the kitten’s reaction, which was said to be making an innocent face after being removed from the bottom of the car.

Someone suggested that the couple should take the cat home and name it “Saga”.

What was even more heartwarming to see than the rescue mission itself was how they immediately got the kitten food as soon as he was removed from the car.

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