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Diabetic Amputee Shares He Used To Drink Teh Tarik 3 Times A Day

Diabetic Amputee Shares He Used To Drink Teh Tarik 3 Times A Day

The man developed diabetes due to his high-sugar diet, which includes Teh Tarik three times per day.

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All of us have various ways to kickstart our mornings. Be it drinking coffee or having an early morning workout, these habits are instrumental in shaping our day. Like everything else, nonetheless, it must be done in moderation. 

This local man’s obsession with Teh Tarik is an exemplary tale of why this is. In a TikTok video, the man named Azlan revealed that he has been suffering from diabetes for over 30 years.

In fact, he had to amputate his right foot due to the condition. When asked what led to it, Azlan attributed it to his unhealthy lifestyle. 


He shared that when he was young, he could not go about his day without sugary and carbonated drinks, specifically teh tarik. 

“I was a fan of teh tarik, where I would have it in the morning, afternoon, and evening every day. I also used to drink a lot of carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola. 

“But for teh tarik/teh ais, I must always have it in my car at all times. If it ran out, I’d head somewhere and buy sugary drinks,” he said. 

Apart from his consumption of teh tarik, Azlan also noted his irregular meals as another contributing factor. This was because he would have meals with friends during the early hours of the morning. 

On when he learned about his condition, he said it started when he noticed his wounds took longer to heal. Following a check-up, his suspicion was confirmed as he was diagnosed with diabetes. 

His fate suffered further when he learned he had to amputate his right leg due to his condition worsening. 

“After the wound worsened and became severely infected, the doctor told me that I had no choice but to amputate my right foot, which I did.” 

A reminder for TikTokers

Azlan’s story has resonated well with many Malaysians since it was shared on TikTok. Many indeed took his testimony as a precautionary tale. One user shared how this acts as a reminder for him to stop drinking too much teh tarik. 


“My favourite drink is Teh Tarik. I have to change from now on. I have to start cutting down on it,” said one TikTok user.

This sentiment was echoed by another user, who reminded everyone else to take care of their health. 


Another user said Azlan’s story reminded her of her brother-in-law who tragically passed away at 40 which she claimed was due to his excessive teh tarik drinking.


So, the moral of the story? It is always best to do everything in moderation. Even if it brings you great pleasure and comfort, it is wise to adopt and work towards a well-rounded lifestyle.  

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