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[Watch] Man Demonstrates How A Small Device Can Hack Into Mobile Phones Through WiFi

[Watch] Man Demonstrates How A Small Device Can Hack Into Mobile Phones Through WiFi

Once the password is entered, the hacker can steal it, hack into the user’s phone, and do whatever they want with the personal information they obtain.

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Personal information protection is becoming increasingly important in the era of advanced information technology.

However, hackers are also becoming more “progressive” in their methods.

A video posted on TikTok by user @imancybersecurity demonstrates how a small device can hack into other people’s mobile phones through WiFi to obtain personal information.

The video received over 1 million views and 69,200 likes in just two days after being uploaded.

@imancybersecurity Tak sangka wifi boleh kena hack semudah tu kan? #cybersecurity #ethicalhacker🕵️‍♂️ #computerscience #wifihacks ♬ original sound – ImanCybersecurity

In the video, the man introduces a small device that he claims can help him realize his hacking plan.

He shows how a WiFi link is selected in the device and multiple identical WiFi links are cloned.

The person using the WiFi link is then automatically disconnected, and when they try to log in again, the same WiFi will appear with many versions or clones without knowing where to start.

Looks legitimate but are controlled by hackers

Creating multiple identical WiFi links (clones) and disconnecting users from the network, the man calls this technique WiFi Phishing or, more commonly, an Evil Twin Attack.

He explained that users who are disconnected from the network will think that the secret of each WiFi is different, so they will be randomly selected to try to enter the password.

In this way, the user has stepped into the hacker’s trap. Once the password is entered, the hacker will get it from the computer and use it to hack and do whatever he wants.

@imancybersecurity on Evil Twin Attack or WiFi Phishing, which are cyber attacks that target users on public Wi-Fi networks.

While some netizens thanked him for providing relevant information, others joked about whether hackers could easily invade bank systems.

Nonetheless, this video serves as a reminder for everyone not to connect to any suspicious WiFi or clones of the same network shown in the video.

As technology advances, it is essential to remain vigilant and take precautions to protect personal information from cyber-attacks.

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