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From MUDA To Moolah: MUDA Candidate Reveals Only RM174 In Bank Account

From MUDA To Moolah: MUDA Candidate Reveals Only RM174 In Bank Account

Chew’s only liquid asset is a bank account with a balance of RM174.25.

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Dobby Chew, a candidate for the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) in Selangor’s Seri Setia state seat, has caused a stir among netizens after revealing his property declaration.

According to the documents, Chew has only one bank account with a balance of RM174.25, making it his only liquid asset.

Chew’s Maybank savings account balance has sparked discussions among netizens, with some questioning whether it is enough to pay his next month’s car loan.

Debt, Salary, and Political Aspirations: Examining Chew’s Financial Situation

His Honda Civic car loan amounts to RM134,670, his total personal debt.

Despite having a monthly salary of up to RM9,000 as the CEO of the Asian Anti-Death Penalty Network (ADPAN), some netizens still found it puzzling that Chew only had RM174.25 in his bank account.

Chew has been in politics for just two years and is a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy at Monash University, Malaysia.

He is also a master’s student and Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) project manager.

Chew’s property declaration has raised questions about his financial management skills and whether he can hold public office.

However, some netizens have come to his defence, stating that owning a car and having a monthly salary of RM9,000 is already impressive for someone his age.

The matter also highlights the importance of transparency in public office and financial management skills for political candidates.

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Can Honesty and Integrity Trump Financial Woes in Politics?

The candidate has reportedly taken the news in stride, saying he and his party are focused on representing the people and fighting for their rights, regardless of their financial situation.

This has earned them praise from supporters, who see them as a symbol of hope and integrity in a political landscape often dominated by money and power.

Will they be able to turn their financial situation into an advantage and win over voters with honesty and integrity?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – they’re not afraid to show us the money!

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