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Maid Wanted In Bangsar: RM2.5k With No Off Days

Maid Wanted In Bangsar: RM2.5k With No Off Days

The prospective employer prefers someone who can also cook Indonesian food.

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The cost of hiring a maid can vary depending on factors.

They include the maid’s experience, qualifications, nationality, and the type of service you require.

Recently, a netizen posted an ad looking for an Indonesian maid to work in Bangsar.

Interestingly, the netizen offers the job with no off days.

The job offers a wage of RM2,500, more than some fresh graduates can earn.

In any case, the amount is hardly the highest that has ever been offered for maids here in Malaysia.

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In Malaysia, foreign maids typically earn around RM1,000 a month though there are many additional costs for the employer.

Due to several factors, foreign maids in Malaysia are typically more expensive than local maids.

Firstly, the cost of hiring a foreign maid includes expenses such as recruitment fees, visa fees, and training costs.

These fees can add up to a significant amount, making hiring a foreign maid more expensive than hiring a local maid.

Secondly, foreign maids in Malaysia are often from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Cambodia, where the cost of living and wages are generally lower than in Malaysia.

As such, they may demand higher wages when working in Malaysia to compensate for the higher cost of living and to support their families back home.

The government has recently looked into the welfare of foreign maids and is seeking to raise their minimum wage.

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Illegal To Work 7 Days A Week In Malaysia

Under the Employment Act 1955, every employee shall be allowed each week a rest day.

It is to be one whole day, as the employer may determine from time to time.

For employees in shift work, any continuous period of not less than 30 hours shall constitute a rest day.

However, there are exceptions to this rule for certain types of work, such as shift work or work that is essential to the continuous operation of a business or service.

If an employee is required to work on their rest day, they must be compensated with either a replacement rest day or overtime pay.

Failure to provide employees with rest days or appropriate compensation can result in legal action being taken against the employer.

Therefore, it is generally not illegal to work 7 days a week in Malaysia/

Employers must comply with the employment laws and regulations regarding rest days and compensation.

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