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Azan Maghrib Faster By 4 Minutes On Radio Tawau, Many Unintentionally Break Fast Early

Azan Maghrib Faster By 4 Minutes On Radio Tawau, Many Unintentionally Break Fast Early

The DJ made an open apology to Tawau folks for the foul-up.

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Mistakes happen. We all make them, it is part of what makes us human.

Many people in Tawau recently broke their fast early by mistake.

The Maghrib call on Radio Tawau was broadcasted a few minutes earlier due to technical problems.

The radio presenter on duty, Mohd Safwa Junit, apologised for the mistake which led to the Maghrib call being broadcasted twice.

The first Maghrib azan was sounded at 6.16 pm, which is 4 minutes earlier than the second azan which was sounded at 6.20 pm.

What Then?

Former mufti of the Federal Territory, Dr Zulkifli Al-Bakri had commented on the matter through the website of the Office of the Mufti of the Federal Territory.

Dr Zulkifli have his thoughts the article Bayan Linnas Series 97: Wrongly Breaking Fast Early Due to Azan on Radio.

After evaluating and examining both opinions, we are more inclined to the annulment of fasting and it is obligatory for those who mistakenly break their fast early while the sun has not set, to do the qadha.

Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri on one who breaks the fast by mistake.

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No One Is Perfect

Doing mistakes is also a good thing but doing silly mistakes again and again is a bad thing.

Netizens said that no one is perfect and the radio presenter should be forgiven.

However, he should be careful not to repeat the same mistakes again.

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