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Twitter Users Angry With Inconsiderate Cyclists, But Not For Bringing Bicycles On MRT

Twitter Users Angry With Inconsiderate Cyclists, But Not For Bringing Bicycles On MRT

A few guidelines need to be followed if you wish to bring your bicycles on board trains.

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You may have noticed passengers getting into trains with their bicycles or scooters.

Many would wonder if this is allowed.

Recently Twitter user @pedoqpop shared a photo of several passengers on board a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train with their bicycles in tow.


While some asked if bicycles were allowed, many who saw the tweet were angry that these cyclists, who appeared to be men, had occupied seats in the women’s only coach.

Some of the netizens even complained about the body odour that these cyclists bring together when they get on board the train.

Bicycles And Scooters Are Allowed In MRT

To those wondering about bringing bicycles, yes you can. Rapid KL has allowed this since 2021, with a set of guidelines to be followed.

Among the rules to be observed is the time period bicycies and scooters are allowed.

On weekdays, foldable bikes and scooters are allowed from 10 am to 3 pm and from 8 pm to 12 am.

Non-foldable bikes however, are not allowed on weekdays.

On weekends, foldable and non-foldable bikes and scooters are allowed from the first train until the last train.

According to Rapid, KL, passengers under 12 with bicycles and scooters must be accompanied by an adult.

Passengers who bring their bicycles or scooters must ensure safety is observed. They should enter and exit through the wide-aisle gate and they must park the bicycles/scooters at the dedicated wheelchair area onboard the trains. However, priority must be given to wheelchair users or people with disabilities.

They are also reminded not to bump into other passengers and must allow others to enter and exit the train first. To enter the train, they must wait by the specified doors, as indicated by the marking at the platform.

One passenger is only allowed one bicycle/scooter.

Cycling is strictly prohibited inside trains and stations, and users must ensure their bikes are clean and free from mud and grease. They are also responsible for any damages caused.

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