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Monkey Performs Sexual Act On Sleeping Man

Monkey Performs Sexual Act On Sleeping Man

The victim immediately took the next flight home upon learning about the incident.

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At one point or another, we have all come across stories about the dangerous antics of monkeys. From tales about them stealing people’s food to physically harming humans, monkeys can at times be dangerous. 

But who knew, that monkeys could also be sexually dangerous? A group of friends shockingly learned this during their trip to Cambodia. 


According to the video on Twitter, a British man named Stenning recounted an incident that had happened to his friend during their trip to Cambodia.

During one of the nights, two of his friends slept in their respective hotel rooms without properly locking the windows the night before. One of the friends, however, woke up to find the other being sexually violated by a monkey the next morning. 


“The monkey had pulled down his trousers and started s**king him off. So my friend didn’t want to scare the monkey ‘cause he was afraid that it might bite the other friend’s c*ck so he went outside and started making monkey noises to lure it away,” said Stenning.

To prove the validity of his story, Stenning shared a photo of the shocking incident that proved the monkey had performed oral sex on the friend who was sleeping. 

Reactions to the incident 

The victim was then informed of the incident. And upon learning about it, he quickly took a flight back home without informing his friend. The victim’s friend, in fact, could not reach him after that. 

Even up to this day, it is unclear if the two are still in touch and if the victim has ever spoken about the incident. Regardless, many netizens online have been expressing their disbelief over the incident since the conversation was uploaded. 


While users found it hilarious, they were shocked that it actually did happen. Others, however, were displeased with the friend for sharing his friend’s traumatic and embarrassing experience.

But what are your views on this? Were you surprised that it happened? Or have you heard a similar story like this before? 

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