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Young Girl From Perak Earns Herself A Spot In Guinness World Records

Young Girl From Perak Earns Herself A Spot In Guinness World Records

She arranged all the chess pieces in 45.72 seconds and has the ability to see things blindfolded.

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Sometimes we come across people who can achieve amazing feats in their life. Have you heard of child prodigy Punithamalar Rajashekar from Perak who broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to arrange a chess set blindfolded? (Wait what?)

This 10-year-old girl managed to break the previous record of 1.02 minutes with an amazing time of 45.72 seconds.

This amazing event happened on May 19, when Punithamalar attempted to break the record by arranging all 32 pieces of the chess set accordingly while being blindfolded.

Now, you may presume that her accomplishment was the product of months of diligent practice in which she became accustomed to the feel of the chess pieces and organised them by touch. However, you would be wrong.

Punithamalar’s feat is supposedly a result of a remarkable talent she claims to have: the capacity to “see” what is in front of her, even with her eyes closed or blindfolded!

“It wasn’t difficult because I felt it was the same as completing the task without a blindfold. Just like how everyone sees with their eyes open, I can see the same things even with my eyes closed,” she said as reported by FMT.

This is not the only time the young girl has achieved something great. She was this year’s “Kids Got Talent” second runner-up in Malaysia, which earned her the right to submit an application for Season 19 of “America’s Got Talent.”

After taking a four-month yoga and brain-training course, Punithamalar discovered what her family regards to as her “third eye” in the latter half of 2022.

“We participated in several activities and one of them included a blindfolded task,” she said.

That is the moment she realized that she could see things that other people could not.

FMT Lifestyle recently met Punithamalar and her father, Rajashekar Kuberan, at her school, SJK (T) Menglembu, the same location where the record-breaking event took place, to experience her incredible talent firsthand.


Extraordinary Performance by Punithamalar Rajashekar after Guinness World Records Attempt. Witnesses by Pengarah JPN Kinta utara, Pengatua SMK Seri Kledang


Her father Rajashekar said that he could not believe it himself and his wife was taken aback and frightened by their daughter’s ability.

He noted that they chose the Guinness World Records because of its strict guidelines and meticulous verification procedure, which leave little to no room for dispute, to provide an extra layer of legitimacy.

Punithamalar’s talent goes beyond just arranging chess pieces; while blindfolded, FMT Lifestyle saw her recognise words written on a piece of paper and read a banknote’s serial number.

Her father claims that “when she closes her eyes, she can see what’s in front of her, but within a narrow, limited field”. She frequently turns her head while executing chores while wearing a blindfold because of this.

Rajashekar thinks Punithamalar’s stringent practices may have had something to do with the “gift”.

“She wakes up every morning around 5am to do yoga and meditate. We’re aware of a yogi in India who has this very talent, so this is our best guess,” he said.

At the moment she is preparing for the “America’s Got Talent” audition next month.

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