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Food Delivery Rider’s Bike Seized By JPJ? Here’s What Happened

Food Delivery Rider’s Bike Seized By JPJ? Here’s What Happened

Social media has been abuzz with the sad tale of a food delivery rider whose bike was seized by the Road Transport Department.

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A short clip recently went viral on social media of a food delivery rider who had to resort to walking with his food delivery bag strapped on his back.

This was after his motorcycle was said to have been seized by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

The sad nature of the video where the rider was seen walking away by the side of the road tugged at the heartstrings of many.

JPJ, having been on the receiving end of criticism after the clip went viral, explained that the motorcycle was seized because the road tax had expired and the rider did not have insurance.

It is learned that the rider was stopped while he was on delivery duty.

JPJ explained that they had to conduct the seizure because if the rider had gotten into an accident, things would have been worse as he had no insurance.

After the issue went viral, a social media user Aisar Khaled went to the rider’s house to get his side of the story.

A video was posted on Tiktok under @aisarkhaledd where the rider informed that the incident happened while he was on his way to deliver food from Salak Tinggi, Sepang to Nilai in Negeri Sembilan.

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The rider, identified only as Syahrul was stopped by JPJ at a roadblock.

His bike was seized and he was issued a summons.

Syahrul admitted his mistake for not renewing his road tax.

“I admit my fault and I did not ask for this to go viral,” he said.

After getting the story from Syahrul, Aisar brought the rider to a bike shop and surprised the rider with a brand-new motorcycle.

Aisar also gave some donations in cash to the rider.

It is however unclear at the time of writing on the fate of the seized bike.

One Twitter user asked why didn’t they just renew the road tax.

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