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Selangor Seller May Be In Trouble For Selling Sex Dolls That Look Like Children

Selangor Seller May Be In Trouble For Selling Sex Dolls That Look Like Children

Shopee says they have removed the ‘abhorrent’ content and is investigating the sellers involved.

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It has come to light that a seller based in Selangor is selling sex dolls that look like young children on Shopee.

Based on TRP’s checks, the seller has been active on the popular online shopping platform for 3 years. However it is unclear how long the seller has been using the account to sell sex dolls and sex toys.

They have a 97% chat performance and scored a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

An “adorable little cutie girl” sex doll is going for RM1,500 and has one buyer so far.

Another “little cute girl sex doll” comes in three different breast sizes ranging from small to big. It has been bought 9 times with one of the reviews saying: “memang puas hati.”

A “super adorable little Q catdoll” has several types and ranges from a whopping RM3,325 to RM4,940. It has three previous buyers.

All of these items are sold on a pre-order basis.

When social media users got wind of these items which resemble children, Shopee responded and said they have forwarded the matter to the relevant department for further action. They also asked for buyers to alert them should they come across items that go against their policy.

The listings mentioned above are no longer available on Shopee while the shop in question has also been banned from the platform. Prior to that, the shop changed its username.

However, this is not the only seller that we have found selling sex dolls on the online shopping platform.

Another shop that is based in Kuala Lumpur stated in the description section that these dolls would ship from overseas and would take seven to 10 working days to be delivered.

While it was available earlier, checks later found that this too has failed to load, which means it has been removed from the platform.

Earlier today, a Twitter user shared several screenshots of these items on the microblogging site, expressing her disgust at how sex items that look like children were available on Shopee.

In a statement to TRP, Shopee said they immediately removed the listings from the platform the minute they were alerted to the matter.

Shopee also informed they have permanently banned the associated seller accounts.

They reiterated that “this type of abhorrent content” has no place on their platform and they are in the midst of conducting a site-wide review to ensure users are protected from such listings, apart from investigating the sellers involved.

Shopee expressed their continued commitment to provide users with a “safe, reliable and enjoyable” shopping experience and that they have “zero tolerance” for sellers who market offensive items through the platform.

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