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Terengganu PAS ADUN Claims He Poured Orange Juice On Rice Because It Had No Gravy

Terengganu PAS ADUN Claims He Poured Orange Juice On Rice Because It Had No Gravy

Cukai assemblyman Hanafiah Mat was heavily criticised on Twitter following a video he allegedly posted degrading Menu Rahmah.

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Previously, Dr Azman Ibrahim who is Terengganu PAS’ Jabi assemblyman was criticised for his hot takes on certain topics on social media.

From likening women to courier packages to posting a photo that many accused as being racist in nature, Azman received a barrage of criticism on Twitter.

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Today, another Terengganu PAS politician, this time its Cukai assemblyman is being criticised for what some labelled as “menghina makanan” (insulting food).

The video in question was allegedly posted by the assemblyman, Hanafiah Mat, on TikTok but by the time it went viral on Twitter, we were no longer able to find the video on his official TikTok account.

In the video that was reposted on Twitter by user @budinwmaju, a man was seen eating at a restaurant, while speaking Malay in the Terengganu dialect.

The Twitter account alleged that in the video, Hanafiah was attempting to degrade Menu Rahmah.

In a reply to FMT, Hanafiah denied he was mocking Menu Rahmah. He claimed the food he bought was not even under Menu Rahmah. He explained that the rice he was having in the video was dry, which was why he jokingly poured orange juice on it.

“I was eating rice with fried fish, mixed vegetables and chicken, there were two types of vegetables and egg. It so happened that the dish had no gravy. I am from Terengganu, I am not used to eating rice without gravy. I used the drink I was having as gravy and finished the rice. My friends saw me doing that and they did the same,” he was quoted as saying.

While the video is no longer available on Hanafiah’s TikTok, we did find a video he shared that looked odd.

In it, Hanafiah appeared to reenact a scene from Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s movie Ibu Mertuaku.

@hajihanafiahmat Ada siapa2 boleh tolong bagitahu dekat Kasim ? #ybc #fyp #2023 ♬ original sound – HAJI HANAFIAH MAT

The scene in question was when Mak Dara who played the character Nyonya Mansoor was apologising to P. Ramlee who played Kassim Selamat.

However, in Hanafiah’s “reenactment” which looked more like he was simulating a seizure attack, said, “Ala Kassim, marilah undi PAS Kassim.” (Vote for PAS, Kassim.)

It is unclear why Hanafiah made the video but he did caption it as, “Ada siapa2 boleh tolong bagitahu dekat Kasim?” (Can someone tell Kasim?)

We do not know who Kassim is but prior to the “reenactment meets seizure” video, Hanafiah posted a video of him responding to a question posed by activist and lawyer Siti Kasim.

In the video, Siti Kasim asked Hanafiah who was he to dictate what would women should wear.

In his answer, Hanafiah only said, “Allah, kesiannya. Berat 66. Sedey. Sampai gitu semua benor?” (Translation breakdown. Error 404.)

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