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“I’m Not Racist” Terengganu PAS Adun Criticised Over Twitter Posts

“I’m Not Racist” Terengganu PAS Adun Criticised Over Twitter Posts

Jabi assemblyman Dr Azman Ibrahim reminisced about the British Colonial era and was accused of inciting racial disharmony by sowing fear about non-Malay-owned businesses.

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Jabi assemblyman and Terengganu state exco Dr Azman Ibrahim has once again earned the wrath of netizens as some of his social media posts were deemed an attempt to incite racial tension.

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One of the tweets dated 16 February showed Azman allegedly waxing lyrical about the old days by posting up a picture showing a Malay man being pulled on a rickshaw by a Chinese man.

Another string of tweets on the same day was a play on fear-mongering. He claimed that the Malays would suffer if the non-Malay business owners hid product stocks, increase the price of products, or refuse to sell to Malay customers.

He also claimed that the non-Malays are afraid of the Malay people boycotting their businesses via the ‘Buy Muslim First’ (BMF) campaign because the Malay people are the ones helping to prop up the businesses owned by other races.

He ended his tweets by saying he’s not a racist but has the guts to speak the truth.

His remarks online have drawn criticism from netizens. They pointed out his thinking flaws and said people like him are the cause of racial tension and disharmony if they’re left unchecked.

Regarding the picture he uploaded, netizens pointed out that the British during the colonial era loved Malays who would quickly turn their backs on their people and homeland once they were offered titles and riches.

There was also a racial hierarchy in each race during those times and only the wealthy could enjoy privileges.

Thus, there was nothing to be proud of in the “good old days” and it’s just a false sense of nostalgia.

If anything, netizens think the image is a testament to the grit and hard work of Chinese immigrants and slaves in those days.

Some netizens also condemned Azman’s second tweet for being unIslamic due to its racist nature.

They advised Azman to expand his thinking outside Kelantan and Terengganu, and to show a good example of Islam while conducting business with the other races, instead of being prejudiced.

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