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Terengganu PAS Adun Slammed Over Misogynistic Tweet On Women’s Attire

Terengganu PAS Adun Slammed Over Misogynistic Tweet On Women’s Attire

Netizens aren’t happy with Dr Azman Ibrahim’s comparison of women to “cute and neatly” packed items.

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Everyone reading this has probably come across at least once of women being compared to inanimate objects (usually when talking about why they should dress modestly).

Commenting on the issue of dress code when lodging police reports, Terengganu state Agriculture, Food Industry, Plantation, Commodity and Rural Development Committee chairman Dr Azman Ibrahim posted on Twitter that expensive items of high value are usually packed “cute and neat”.

To add fuel to the fire, he added that the packaging method plays an important role in the marketing aspect and if an item is sold exposed by the side of the road, it is a “cheap counterfeit product”.

Dr Azman, who is PAS’ Jabi assemblyman, said this while referring to a screenshot of a news article where DAP’s Young Syefura Othman reacted to the issue concerning a woman who was denied entry at a police station due to a dress code issue.

His comments have since sparked anger among many netizens on Twitter who called Dr Azman out on his misogynistic views on women.

Twitter user @LilyZali said: “How can a man who has women in his family look down on women like this? Based on usage alone? And labeled as goods? You are a vile creature.”

Meanwhile Twitter user @SmackSpeed referred to Azman’s tweet as “cheapskate and stupid”.

How can you make a comparison of goods with women? Are there no more intelligent and brainy people in my country, Malaysia? This brings shame to the doctor title


Many condemned the take, calling it an act of objectifying women.

Some users even questioned why it has become more common that women are compared to inanimate objects.

Twitter user @Pen1sluveer said “Why do men always compare us to ‘barang’, lolipop yang tak berbalut? Why?”

On the other hand, Twitter user @leeminhui_ called for someone to inform Dr Azman’s public relations team that it’s 2023 and it is really embarrassing to still be equating women to objects.

“But let’s say we humour his logic – that women are just objects in wrapping – I still fail to see how this determines whether women get to enter a police station in an emergency?” she wrote.

Have you ever been compared to an object before? What would your reaction be to such comparisons?

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