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Why Settle For One When You Can Have Two Of Your Favourite Things

Why Settle For One When You Can Have Two Of Your Favourite Things

The new Zenbook Duo 2024 ensures you’ll never miss a beat, like those buy-1-free-1 promos we all adore so much.

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Are you navigating the digital jungle on a screen that’s just as crowded as an LRT during rush hour? Well, then consider this your final call to switch tracks and hop onto the ASUS Zenbook Duo 2024 express! 

With a display that doubles your digital domain, the new Zenbook Duo 2024 is more than just a laptop—it’s a multitasker’s dream machine that lets you Duo-ble down on your hustle and go from grind mode to unwind mode in a snap.

What can the Duo do for you?

Why settle for one when you can have two? The Zenbook Duo 2024 comes with two full-size 3K OLED touchscreen displays that’ll make everyone do a double-take whenever you pull this baby out.

You’ve got your main 16:10, 14-inch ultra-slim NanoEdge display for your primary tasks, but when you have to get your groove on, all you need to do is pull out its detachable ErgoSense keyboard and touchpad, and you’ll find another, secondary 14-inch screen to instantly expand your digital horizons to a max of 19.8-inches, all on one gadget, without the hassle of hopping between your laptop, phone, or tablet.

(Credit: ASUS)

This laptop ensures you’ll never miss a beat, like those buy-1-free-1 promos we all adore so much. It’s the perfect match for writers, coders, designers, and yes, even the Netflix bingers among us.

It’s like having a dual-screen command centre that travels with you and is simply the perfect blend of an extended monitor and desktop setup on a single, sleek device.

Now you can be #busy working while simultaneously editing your latest TikTok masterpiece, keeping an eye on your WhatsApp chats, streaming your favourite songs and shows, as well as doom-scrolling through the web, all at the same time!

Switch modes and Duo it all!

The Zenbook Duo adds a whole new dimension to your computing game. This all-in-one laptop is a versatile tool that can seamlessly transform between four unique modes to fit your workflow and boost your productivity on the fly.

Laptop Mode: Enjoy a classic laptop experience with a twist. The Zenbook Duo’s ergonomic and intuitive keyboard and touchpad placement ensure a familiar and efficient user experience. This mode is ideal for routine tasks like checking your emails and typing out your documents. Simply pop out the keyboard to double your screen real estate whenever you choose.

Dual Screen Mode: This mode unleashes the full potential of the Zenbook Duo’s dual displays and allows users to effortlessly manage multiple applications simultaneously. Whether you’re a creator in need of a bigger canvas or an analyst comparing data side-by-side, this mode is all about boosting your workflow and finding the perfect productivity rhythm. Plus, with a full-size keyboard always within reach, you can be sure that your progress stays smooth.

Desktop Mode: Who needs a desk anyway? With this mode, you can transform the Zenbook Duo into a powerful workstation and the heart of your mobile command centre. Enjoy the full expanse of the Duo’s displays and comprehensive connectivity options, including two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports for rapid charging and swift 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, as well as dual 4K 60 Hz or a single 8K 60Hz external display support to broaden your digital horizon and keep you Zen-tertained wherever you are. The Duo is also equipped with ASUS’s AiSense Camera system and AI Noise Cancelation technology to ensure your quick chats and conference calls stay crystal clear.

Sharing Mode: Whether you’re working solo or as part of a squad, the Zenbook Duo provides the flexibility to tackle any task with ease. All you need to do is lay the Duo flat and this mode becomes the perfect platform for presenting ideas or working together with others. This mode is invaluable for those important meetings, creative brainstorming sessions, or even your impromptu playdates, where having more room to work with makes all the difference.

The Duo isn’t just a pretty face, it’s got the brains and brawns to match!

Get ready to turbocharge your digital life with the Duo. Equipped with the cutting-edge AI-enhanced Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) for lightning-fast AI-powered tasks, and immersive graphics, this powerhouse also boasts up to 32GB of RAM and super-speedy SSD storage.

So you can say goodbye to lag and long load times as the Duo is all about speed and seamless performance.

(Credit: ASUS)

Oh, and did we mention how sleek and stylish this thing is? Crafted from eco-friendly post-industrial recycled materials, its ultra-slim profile measures a mere 14.6mm and weighs just 1.35kg, all while boasting a pretty sweet black finish and an integrated kickstand that’s absolutely on-trend.

The Duo is also a dynamo of efficiency. With its intuitive gesture control, you can navigate around with a flick of a finger or have maximum precision bringing your ideas to life with the dedicated ASUS Pen 2.0 stylus.

The laptop’s 75Wh battery also promises you up to 8 hours of relentless productivity on a single charge to keep you going nonstop.

But, if the Duo’s dual-screen dazzle seems like a duet you’re not quite ready for, why not take a glance at the classic Zenbook 14 OLED series?

It’s the perfect solo act for those seeking a premium, thin and light experience without the double encore.

The Zenbook 14 OLED is a prime choice for those who prefer a premium, ultraportable laptop with a single, stunning display.

It delivers stellar performance, thanks to its high-end Intel Core Ultra processor Series 1 and Intel Arc graphics. Plus, it comes equipped with all the advanced AI features and vital ports for effortless connectivity and endless productivity. It’s perfect for living that hustle life and slaying your goals!

So, if you’re tired of alt-tabbing through life’s tasks, it’s time to embrace the ultimate Zen-sation and feel the Duo-namics of innovation! Visit your nearest ASUS store or check out their website for more info.

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