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Turn Your House Into A Smart Home With These 5+1 Gadgets

Turn Your House Into A Smart Home With These 5+1 Gadgets

Turn any home into an intelligent abode that works to make your life simpler, safer, cosier and that much cooler too.

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Transforming a house into a modern smart home may seem like a huge challenge — but it’s not! In fact, with just a few gadgets and a little bit of elbow grease, you can customise any home into an intelligent abode that works to make your life simpler, safer, cosier and that much cooler too.

Here are some simple upgrades that you can make around the house to turn your traditional dwellings into a teched-out nook.

Plug in the smart way

A smart socket (or plug) is a simple device that plugs into a regular power outlet to make your existing appliances smarter.

Think of it as this neat little adapter that you use to control the power supply to turn things on and off remotely with your mobile devices. This way you can even set your appliances to run on a schedule according to your routines.

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With smart sockets, you can do things like program the kettle to have hot water ready for your coffee in the mornings, have the lights turn on automatically in the evenings when you get home from work, or even switch off the fan that you accidentally left running while you’re away.

They can also help you save on electricity by reducing the phantom load that devices continue to consume even when they’re turned off. Some smart sockets can also monitor their energy use to help you better keep track of your carbon footprint and spending on bills. 

Stabilise the WiFi

Having a strong and stable WiFi connection is the most important part of any smart home ecosystem.

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Because most smart devices rely on wireless internet connectivity to fully function, you should consider using a signal booster or mesh routers to extend the WiFi signal’s range, eliminate dead zones in your home and ensure seamless connectivity for all your devices. This way you can make sure that all of your smart gadgets stay online and operational at your beg and call.

Greet (or avoid) people the easy way

Are you tired of peeking through the windows to see who’s outside every time the doorbell rings? Maybe you’re worried about missing a visitor or an important delivery that you’ve been waiting for while you’re away.

Well, video doorbells eliminate that problem by giving you the ability to see and speak with the person outside your door even when you’re not home. These smart doorbells also have features that will notify you whenever it rings and can even let visitors leave you messages if you’re unavailable to attend to the door.

Some of the more high-end devices even have motion-tracking and facial recognition capabilities for added security and to give you a little more peace of mind (and maybe help avoid those nosy neighbours).

Lighten (or brighten) the mood

Smart bulbs are small additions that can make a huge difference to enhance the ambience of your home. These light bulbs can be plugged into your existing lamps or light sockets and allow you to control their brightness, temperature and colour on command

You can set them to create different lighting conditions around your home to fit any function, time of day or mood. For instance, you can have it nice and bright in the living room, while dim and soft in the bedroom. Or turning from a cool white light when you’re busy with chores, to a cosy warm glow when you want to kick back and relax.

You can even synchronize them to change colours as you listen to music or watch movies and play games for a more immersive experience.

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Elevate your entertainment experience

A good entertainment system is more than just another set of appliances for your home but is an investment towards precious moments that you’ll cherish forever.

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Just picture all the times you’ll spend laughing together with your loved ones on movie nights, those heart-pounding moments you’ll encounter while playing your favourite games, or the emotional beats you’ll feel while listening to some music!

Smart home entertainment systems like the Samsung 65″ OLED 4K S95C TV and Q800C Q-Series Soundbar offer the perfect blend of quality and functionality to turn your home into a movie theatre, a stadium or a concert hall.

Designed to look stunning and be super easy to set up and use, Samsung’s OLED 4K TVs and Q-Series Soundbar provide a phenomenal Ultra HD viewing experience and adaptive audio quality that’ll enhance your home entertainment experience.

Samsung’s OLED 4K TVs and Q-Series Soundbar are also made to connect easily with other devices to enable you to stream content seamlessly and integrate them into your smart home ecosystem using platforms like the Samsung SmartThings application.

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Of course, there are just sooo manyyy things that you can do in order to turn your home into a smart living space to meet your needs and preferences. So go check out our sibling channel, TechTRP for the latest tech news and fascinating stuff to help inspire your smart home renovations.

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