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AI Can Generate Cool Ads Ah? Watch This Julie’s Raya Ad To Find Out

AI Can Generate Cool Ads Ah? Watch This Julie’s Raya Ad To Find Out

This Raya, Julie’s Biscuits serves up more than just delicious blasts from the past and daring new flavours!

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How many of you guys have tried using ChatGPT? 

(Don’t lie OK, we know what you did for your last assignment.) 

Jokes aside, this Raya, the awesome peeps at Julie’s Biscuits are serving up more than just delicious blasts from the past and daring new flavours. 

They’re also dishing out a Raya ad that’s tastefully crafted and packs a punch stronger than your atok’s sambal!

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Julie’s Biscuits makes a whole Raya ad using AI! How cool is that?!


But our excitement went down a couple of notches when, at first glance, we thought we’d uncovered a trove of AI blunders in Julie’s Raya video. 

The kind of glitches and gaffes that make you go, “Whoa, did a robot write this script?” 

That Julie’s Love Letters that keeps changing? Wasn’t it Strawberry-flavoured earlier? Why is it Vanilla now? WAIT, WHY IS IT THE OLD LOVE LETTERS TIN, NOW??!!

We were pretty baffled, honestly, ‘cause surely they can’t have missed such huge mistakes…


And THEN we were like, even if they did miss the mistakes, surely the AI can’t have missed ‘em??

Robots cannot make mistakes, right?

(Credit: Julie’s Biscuits)

But the thing about AI is that, sometimes, trying to get AI to understand what we mean is an art in and of itself, which is why the technique of crafting the right prompts is so key to making sure that the AI understands what we want and gives us the best results.

And the AI’s output is based on OUR input, so it gets knowledge from the content that’s already floating around the world wide web. Just like how a chef makes a dish based on the ingredients they’re given. If they’re provided with quality ingredients, the dish would reflect that, and vice versa.


But as we were figuring this out, it turns out that these so-called “mistakes” aren’t actually mistakes at all!


These AI mishaps were actually meticulously crafted practical effects. And they were all intentionally woven into the storyline. That’s a plot twist that can make the makcik gossiping at the surau do a double take!

But WAIT, there’s more than meets the eye!

(Credit: Julie’s Biscuits)

Notice the baju kurung hues in the ad? Bet you didn’t know they’re not just random colours. Look again – they’re Julie’s signature brand colours! 

And let’s not forget those nostalgic Love Letters tins straight outta the 90s – a nod to simpler times when snail mail was the OG form of sliding in DMs.

But the cherry on top is that the ad isn’t just about fancy AI tricks, it’s a love letter reminding us that Raya isn’t just about rendang and lemang (although, those are pretty important too), but also about celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Wah, AI story also can be so deep one ah?

(Credit: Julie’s Biscuits)

Well, we’re not the ones to spoil the surprise! Hit that play button and embark on your own Raya adventure with Julie’s ad. Keep those peepers peeled for more easter eggs and AI glitches!

And if you spot something we missed, don’t be shy to slide into our DMs and spill the beans. After all, Raya is all about coming together and sharing the joy – glitches and all!

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone! 🥳

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