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Thinking Of Retirement? Start Living Your Best Life At Domitys Bangsar

Thinking Of Retirement? Start Living Your Best Life At Domitys Bangsar

Located at the heart of one of the most vibrant and trendy neighbourhoods in the Klang Valley, Domitys Bangsar is a service residence that caters exclusively to seniors and socialites who wish to lead an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

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It’s often said that when something reaches its eventual end, it is merely the beginning of something else. 

Retirement is a phase of life that many of us dream of and aspire to reach. It’s a time when we can finally kick back, enjoy the fruits of our lifelong labours, and spend quality time pursuing our passions, being in the company of loved ones, making new connections and rub shoulders with exciting new possibilities.

But how does one actually choose the right place to retire and maintain a level of independence, comfort and well-being?

Well, last weekend the TRP team was invited to check out Domitys Bangsar—the hottest retirement residence in town!

(Credit: Domitys Bangsar/TRP)

Located at the heart of one of the most vibrant and trendy neighbourhoods in the Klang Valley, Domitys Bangsar is a service residence that caters exclusively to seniors and socialites who wish to lead an active, fulfilling lifestyle and enjoy the golden years of their lives in comfort and style.

Domitys offers chic and spacious accommodations—ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments—that are fully furnished and equipped with kitchenettes, easy-access bathrooms and a host of amenities and services to enhance residents’ quality of life.

(Credit: Domitys Bangsar)

The residence also provides 24-hour surveillance and security besides having a team of well-trained staff that are always on the ready to assist residents with whatever they may need, including access to health professionals and top-of-the-line chefs.

With residents’ quality of life in mind, Domitys also teams up with health and wellness partners to offer a variety of programs and activities, from Tai Chi to karaoke—promoting a healthy and engaging lifestyle

Domitys’ ClubHouse offers all-day-dining where residents can enjoy daily buffet breakfast spreads and à la carte menus.

It also has a beauty parlour where they can pamper themselves, as well as a physiotherapy room, fitness centre and aqua gym pool for them to stay fit and fabulous.

There’s also an Activity’s Lounge for residents who fancy a good game of Mah Jong, darts, and even video gaming.

(Credit: Domitys Bangsar)

And to ensure that residents have fun and stay active, there are all sorts of activities like line dancing, game nights, classes and workshops, as well as cultural and social events, including outdoor explorations, for residents to enjoy their hobbies and take up new interests.

Sounds like an awesome place to retire if you ask us! But don’t take our word for it—We also had the chance to speak to some of the residents and guests there to know what they think of the place and why they chose Domitys as their go-to place to retire.

Cosy and convenient place to retire

(Credit: TRP)

Annes and Wee Ling are retirees who’ve been living at Domitys since May 2023. The two sisters share their two-bedroom apartment together with their elderly mother, and the three of them have been enjoying their carefree life to the fullest.

 “I’m very happy here because I don’t need to change my bedsheets!” said Annes with a smile and very much in glee of the services that are provided at Domitys which takes care of everything for them, from basic utilities to cleaning.

Having lived in the Klang Valley for most of their years, she explained that the residence provides a cosy and comfortable environment for them to revel in their retirement, but it also has convenient access to places of interest and attractions in the city.

“We’re retired, which means we have the chance to be carefree la. We’re at the age where we don’t want to do or care about so many things,” Wee Ling added, adding that she enjoys the snug and intimate accommodations provided at Domitys and finds it very suitable for seniors like herself.

Another convenience for us is that, in case you wake up and don’t feel like going out, you can just eat here. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Wee Ling

Wanting to truly enjoy a carefree retirement, the two of them mention that they don’t really intend to join in on any of the activities provided at the residence, but are happy that there’s always something to do if they find the need to amuse themselves.

Our mother does Tai Chi, and I myself might join the Yoga sessions or the mobility exercise classes. But my sister just wants to relax and do nothing.


Retirement doesn’t mean reliance

(Credit: Domitys Bangsar)

Meanwhile, Irene Wong, who’s yet to fully retire and organises beauty pageants for a living, believes in keeping up with current trends and filling her days with new experiences.

Being 58-years-young this year, she said that it’s important for people in her age group to maintain their independence as well as an active lifestyle.

“Whatever age you are, you still have to keep moving ahead and improve yourself, maintain a good lifestyle, and not be stagnant. I personally like to challenge myself and do things that were previously impossible for me,” said the grandmother who recently conquered her fear of water and learned how to swim. She’s also pursuing her studies.

The more you learn, the more you are motivated. You need to have a target for yourself and I don’t believe that once you’ve reached a certain age you need to just stop, sit down, relax and do nothing. It’s not only boring but it would also drag you down.

Irene Wong.

Irene also does not give credence to being looked after by her family and appreciates having the freedom to do her own things and let the younger generation enjoy their youth.

I think the younger generation deserves the liberty to create and enjoy their own moments and not feel burdened by their elders. I have a daughter and two grandchildren and I’ve never hoped that they would take care of me. We must plan for our future now and be independent and self-reliant.

Irene Wong.

She sees Domitys as the perfect place for senior citizens to spend their retirement in comfort and ease. 

I think it’s a very good idea. This kind of concept is very in trend now both locally and overseas, and I think that it’ll be very successful.

Irene Wong.

Domitys is more than just a place to live. It is a place for happiness and peace of mind. A place to discover new and exciting things, create new memories, and where one can truly thrive in their golden days.

Get in touch with Domitys Bangsar and start living your best life today! You can find more info on their website or check out what the residence has to offer on their Instagram and Facebook.

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