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10 Things To Do If Your Car Is Caught In A Flood

10 Things To Do If Your Car Is Caught In A Flood

Heed these tips to protect your car from further damage from floodwaters.

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The Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) stated that the continuous heavy rain is expected to continue until Sunday, 19 December 2021, in Perak, Pahang and Selangor.

With floods taking place in several places, here are some tips and tricks shared by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) to protect your cars from the rising waters.

Park in a safe place

If you can, it’s always better to park on higher grounds. This is so your vehicles have a higher chance of being out of the water’s way.

Use a low gear

While driving through floodwaters, use low gear and maintain a steady momentum. According to Smart Driving, we should drive slowly to avoid creating a large ‘bow wave’ so that the waters do not get washed back into the engine.

Water bow in front of the car. Image: Malay Mail

Drive slowly

Drive slow so the car tyres maintain their grip on the road. The car tyres might lose grip if we drive fast, and that will lead to road accidents.

Use a waterproof exhaust pipe cover

Before the floodwaters get into the exhaust pipe, cover it up with a waterproof exhaust pipe cover.

Inspect your vehicle

Once the flood goes down, you should check your car for flood damage to see whether it was submerged in water and whether water entered the engine.

Don’t start the engine

If the car has been in a flood, it’s advisable not to start the engine to prevent a short-circuit in the car. The floodwaters might have gone into the engine and the electricals of the car.

Check the engine/ gearbox

It’s important to check the engine/ gearbox too. Check the dipstick for water droplets. If there’s too much oil, that means there’s water in the engine.

Siphon the fuel out

The next thing to do is to siphon the fuel out. Fuel that’s mixed with water will cause serious engine damage.

Remove and dry

Last but not least, remove detachable components such as the radio and car floor mats. Also, remember to clean the cushions and air the car to prevent a musty smell.

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