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KL manager quits job; starts selling 50 sen nasi lemak in Penang

KL manager quits job; starts selling 50 sen nasi lemak in Penang

Tasneem Nazari

Despite the fact that working in Kuala Lumpur means you can make a lot of money, most of the people living and working in KL are highly stressed and likely don’t live the healthiest of lives. Burnout is a real thing, folks!

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Wong Kum Soon was formerly working as a regional sales/trading manager at a ceramic tile selling company 7 years ago. However, his long hours and frequent travelling caused him to decide to quit his job for a healthier lifestyle.

After his resignation, Wong and his wife retreated to Bagan Lalang in Penang. Then, two years ago he decided to start his own small business to make a couple of bucks.

At first, Wong just sold fried cakes and soya on a push cart. However, business was slow and people weren’t really buying his products.

Being a manager, he knew that if he wanted to make more sales, he’d have to come up with a reason why his products were better and different from the rest.

Eventually he decided to start selling packed nasi lemak. You might be thinking, nasi lemak? What’s so different about that? Well…Wong’s nasi lemak is just RM0.50 cents per pack.

When Wong opens his stall at 7am, there is an immediate crowd of customers who gather to purchase several packs of nasi lemak. By 9.30am, Wong’s already sold out and he just continues selling his other snacks.

Wong and his wife prepares between 500 to 650 packets of nasi lemak per day and they come in 4 varieties: eggs, salted fish, prawns or anchovies.

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Despite selling his nasi lemak for the shockingly low price of 50 cents per pack, Wong still makes at least RM0.10 cents profit per pack.

Which, honestly, makes you think: how much does overhead for nasi lemak really cost? Cause we be paying RM2.50 for one here in KL.

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