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Been Hearing These Audio Clips On TikTok But Don’t Know Their Origin? We’ve Got You, Fam!

Been Hearing These Audio Clips On TikTok But Don’t Know Their Origin? We’ve Got You, Fam!

Got these songs stuck in your head thanks to your incessant TikTok scrolling?

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Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have long incorporated sound selection in their editing tool.

Whether it’s funny noises or quirky dialogues or popular songs, the choices are abundant.

Of course, some audio snippets are generally more popular than others.

Zooming in on Malaysian TikTok videos, we’re sure some of these trending audio have been popping up on your feed and sometimes it can turn into earworms, stuck in your head all day long.

You’d be doing the dishes but your head is going “Alamak, alamak, alamaaaaakkkk.

Or you’re making dinner but you find yourself singing “Bae sobar bae” when you don’t even understand what you’re singing.


Don’t worry, here we have some of the most popular audio snippets on Malaysian TikTok, just so you’ll have a little bit of background to what’s stuck in your head, if you don’t already know these songs.

Alamak Raya Lagi

The “alamak, alamak, alamak” sound is from the song Alamak Raya Lagi by local group DeFam.

@defamofficial ALAMAK!!! Defam raya dulu gais 🤭 Alamak Raya Lagi MV is out now on Faithful YT Channel 🤍 #AlamakRayaLagi #defam #fyp ♬ Alamak Raya Lagi DEFAM – De Fam

The single was released in March this year and has since attained “international stardom” as its also used in TikTok videos in Indonesia, Thailand and most recently India.

The original version of the Hari Raya song by three girls; Azira Shafinaz, Sophia Liana and Cik Manggis has been used in close to a million videos on TikTok. Meanwhile, on YouTube it has amassed a whopping close to 20 million views!

Alamak Raya Lagi was written by Mage, Ja’a, Glowrush, Awan and Sophia Liana under Faithful Publishing.

@agy.official How i enjoy my raya ?? Watch till end ✨ #alamakrayalagi #KongsiBersama #raya #fyp #kongsiJer ♬ Alamak Raya Lagi DEFAM – De Fam

Want to see more of the creative videos using this song? Scroll away here. But be warned, you may have “alamak” seared into your head for the rest of the week!

Cinta Setandan Pisang

While “Bae sobar bae” would sound like a foreign language to the unfamiliar, this next trending audio is actually in the Kelantanese dialect.

The audio clip of the song’s intro: “Bae sobar bae, bae rilek bae, jange jange wi jadi gegey” is widely used in Malaysian TikTok, that it currently sits on Number 1 in the Malaysia TikTok trending song list for the past seven days.

@musiclyrics98__ " Cinta Setandan Pisang – Eda Ezrin & Den Manjo " @Den Manjo @EDA EZRIN EMPIRE #cintasetandanpisang #musiclyrics98__ #ซามิซาน🐲 #xyzbca #fypシ゚viral #fyp #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #tiktokmalaysia #lagukelantan #foryou #liriklagu ♬ Cinta Setandan Pisang – Eda Ezrin & Den Manjo

The line loosely translates to “be patient dear, don’t make a fuss“, but what song is it from?

The song title is Cinta Setandan Pisang by Eda Ezrin and Den Manjo.

The two may not be known by name outside Kelantan that much, but they enjoy a rather comfortable popularity in Malaysia’s east coast states as singers who mostly sing in the Kelantanese dialect. On TikTok, Eda has over 500k followers and Den has over 180k.

Cinta Setandan Pisang was released last year, composed by well-known composer Eddie Hamid with lyrics by Mama Ana and Fadhil Turbo under the Kijang Music label.

Prior to this tune, the duo hit 16 million views on YouTube with their song Adik Jando Abe Duo.

@nietaroxs Pesek paham x nenda cakap ape tu 🥰🥰@MatPesek #kucinggemok #hariraya2024 #fyp #tiktokibu ♬ Cinta Setandan Pisang – Eda Ezrin & Den Manjo
@luq_tasha Bey sobar bey #raya2024 #meme ♬ original sound – le yoooooooo na

Ketipak Ketipung Raya

Pak ketipak ketipung suara gendang bertalu-talu…

Not quite the song we’re talking about here, though. While many of us would think of Rentak 106 when it comes to ketipak ketipung, the phrase is now used in a brand new Hari Raya song.

The audio clip from the song Ketipak Ketipung Raya has been trending on TikTok and it’s by Aisha Retno and Aziz Harun.


Tetap hitam di era gempuran shimmer dan blue.. Minal aidin wal faizin, maaf lahir batin yoo 🙏🏼

♬ Ketipak Ketipung Raya – Aisha Retno & Aziz Harun

Released this year, the song has also gone viral in Indonesia.

The song was written by the duo themselves and produced by Sony Music Entertainment.

On YouTube, it has hit 4.5 million views as at press time.

@_frhdna raya day 2! dc : @ON STAGE PRODUCTIONS ♬ Ketipak Ketipung Raya – Aisha Retno & Aziz Harun

Kita Bikin Romantis

This trending audio clip is more mellow but has already spawned parody versions, with the most popular one, according to our observation, is the Perak dialect.

You’ve probably heard this verse: “Kita bikin romantis, bikin paling romantis, sambil bermain mata, turun ke hati” countless of times.

It is the chorus from the Indonesian song Kita Bikin Romantis by Maliq & D’essentials.

@maliqndessentials Berdasarkan kisah nyata Indra, kedua putrinya & almarhum istrinya di music video “Kita Bikin Romantis” #MusikDiTikTok ♬ Kita Bikin Romantis – MALIQ & D'Essentials

It sits on number 3 in the Malaysia TikTok trending song list for the past 120 days.

Released in March this year, this is only the group’s second single but it has gone viral with close to 10 million views on YouTube.

The parody version in the Perak dialect was done by TikTok user @im.im_ran and to date has collected over 341K Likes.

@im.im_ran Replying to @ejueju.okodoko say less💅🏻✨ #fypシ #perak ♬ original sound – im. im_ran


Tiada bintang kan bersinar, tiada lagi bumi berputar…

Does this sound familiar? This audio clip sits on number 1 in the Malaysia TikTok trending song list for the past 120 days.

It’s from a song called S.A.H. by Sarah Suhairi and Alfie Zumi, written by Kid Ariba, released about two months ago under Rusa Music.

@sarahsuhairi_38 SAH MUSIC VIDEO DAH HIT 1 MIL!! 🥹🫶🏼 THANK YOU GUYS!!! yang mana belum tengok MV LINK KAT BIO OKIESS!! Keep streaming SAH 🤍 #SAH #SetiaAkhirHayat #SarahSuhairi #AlfieZumi #RisingOnTikTok #MuzikMalaysia ♬ DJ SAH – Tiktok – Sarah Suhairi

It has amassed over 16 million views on YouTube.

What is S.A.H.? It’s an acronym for Setia Akhir Hayat.

The catchy tune contains a rap portion and has a DJ remix which is the version most popular on TikTok.

@moeirajohnson Replying to @QAMSshop nah 1 lg biskut no bake, no oven, no mixer👩‍🍳 Episode 9: Matcha Crunchy Bites 🍃 Bahan2: Utk Matcha crunchy: 400gm white chocolate 2 st matcha powder 1/2 cwn minyak jagung 300gm nestom timbang Utk chocolate shell: 1/2 kg milk chocolate Selamat mencuba & semoga bermanfaat insyaAllah 🤲✨🌙 #matchacrunchybites #matchacrunchy #kongsibersama #kongsiresepi #nobake #kongsiselera #matchalover #matcha ♬ SAH – Sarah Suhairi & Alfie Zumi

Shik Shak Shok

This next song is not local but is immensely popular on Malaysian TikTok.

Shik shak shok is an Egyptian belly dancing song made popular by Hassan Abou Seoud.

♬ Shik Shak Shok – Hassan Abu El So’oud

The song has been around since at least the 70s and is part of the “Shaabi” genre. From the Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, Shaabi means “of the people” or specifically “locally popular” and the songs are typically associated with working-class Egyptian neighborhoods.

The “shik shak shok” audio clip is on number 26 in the Malaysia TikTok trending song list for the past 30 days.

@encikbezza Shik Shak Shok 🫲🏻🫱🏻☝🏻 with Tiktokers Pergigian KKM Malaysia 🇲🇾 #foryou #trending #dentistry @myGG_KKM_official ♬ оригинальный звук – Aizh

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