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[Watch] Woman With Dog Argues When Told “No Pets Allowed” At Machines Store

[Watch] Woman With Dog Argues When Told “No Pets Allowed” At Machines Store

She was making a fuss because she was not allowed to bring her pet dog inside the store.

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Pet lovers may feel like it’s the most natural thing to bring their pets along wherever they go.

However, no matter how much your “Boboi” or “Oyen” means to you, you have to remember that most places have a no-pet policy.

Recently, a TikTok user known as Zarina (@zettyzarina), shared a video of a customer causing trouble at a Machines store because she was not allowed to bring her pet dog inside.


According to Zarina, the incident occurred last Saturday (13 April 2024) in Subang Jaya at around 6.10 pm when a woman entered the store cradling a dog in her arms

From the video, it can be seen the staff who was working there politely told her that pets were not allowed inside the store.

Zarina who was in the store at the time said other people also told the customer to understand the situation and to adhere to the rules.

However, the customer was not satisfied and continued arguing.

Later she allegedly confronted Zarina as she was taking a video of the whole incident.

Zarina added that she would delete the video if she left the store peacefully but the customer did not budge.

In the end, the mall security was called to deal with the customer.


Date 13/4/2024 Time 1810pm Place : Machines Main Place Kejadian berlaku apabila kami hendak membayar dikaunter. Datang seorang wanita dlm lingkungan 30an membawa anjing didalam permis untuk membeli kabel. Staff machine dengan baik mmeberitahu NO PETS ALLOWED didalam kedai. Wanita tersebut tidak puas hati since when katanya. Staff memberitahu dia boleh membeli tapi harus membawa keluar anjing tersebut sebab semua staff muslim dan mmg undang2 tidak boleh membawa Pets. Ketika didalam kedai terdapat family berbangsa India yang Ingin membeli phone, lalu dia pun mengatakan please understand apa yg staff machine katakan. My husband pun ckp make it easy bawak je anjing keluar lepas tu masuk dan beli. Ternampak kelibat i ambil video terus dia menuju ke arah i dan marah kenapa ambil video dia. Saya kata if u nak i delete better keluar dr kedai. Akhirnya kami terpaksa memanggil pihak security. Hairan dengan pengurusan pihak mall Yg penting bukan Chinese Malaysia. @mainplacemallusj @machinesmy @adunsubangjaya @michelle.ngmeisze @mpsj

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Netizens who watched the video appreciated the staff’s calm demeanour in handling the situation.

While other netizens questioned how her pet was allowed to enter the mall in the first place.

Another netizen pointed out that the customer could have handled the situation better by asking any of the other customers to hold her dog outside while she made her purchase.

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