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[Watch] Law-Abiding Dog At Traffic Light Junction Amuses Driver – “What Engine Is He Using?”

[Watch] Law-Abiding Dog At Traffic Light Junction Amuses Driver – “What Engine Is He Using?”

The dog waited patiently and only moved after the light turned green.

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Everyone in the world knows the rules of the traffic light. In case you forgot, red means stop, yellow means be ready to stop, and green means you can go.

While people tend to break this law, a dog at Elmina Valley Park shows us that even they can adhere to this simple rule.

A video of this cute incident was shared by TikTok user @awarukakashi and it has garnered almost 300,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The video was captioned: “Gang, what engine is he using?”

From the video that was taken by a driver from inside the car, the dog can be seen waiting for a traffic light to turn green before continuing on its journey.

The dog waited patiently and at a safe distance from the vehicles behind it.

As soon as the traffic light turned green, the dog trotted away.

@awarukakashi enjin ape dy pkai tu geng #anjing #viraltiktok #dog #traffic #CapCut ♬ What You Won't Do for Love – Bobby Caldwell

The highlight of the video, other than the dog waiting for the traffic light to turn green is that, it knew which traffic light to follow as there were two lights; one for vehicles to go straight and another to turn left.

Many people who saw the video were shocked to see that even a dog can follow the simple rule of the traffic light.

Meanwhile, others commented that it is a shame that a dog can follow the rules but people cannot.

One of the netizens said that there would be no words to describe the people who do not follow the traffic light rules after watching the dog.

“After this, if people do not follow, I don’t know what to say,” the netizen commented.

Others joked that the dog exceeded the yellow line.

Nevertheless, it can be safely said that if a dog can be aware of its safety on the road, others should also follow the rules.

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