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Malaysians Find Thai Horror Movie Title “Khong Kaek” Amusing

Malaysians Find Thai Horror Movie Title “Khong Kaek” Amusing

Although spelt differently, and is just one word, the Thai phrase “Khong Kaek” sounds like a vulgar word in Malay.

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You know it’s a scary ghost when it comes from Southeast Asia. Not to brag, but our ghosts are definitely more gory and have a terrifying appearance compared to the Western ones. And this includes Thailand’s ghosts.

Good news, Thailand has just launched their new horror film last September and it’s coming to Malaysia soon in November. The title of that movie is Khong Kaek: The Djin’s Curse with the word “Khong Kaek” meaning “The Guest”.

(Credit: @mrcreepyposta / Twitter)

The film tells the haunting secrets of Win’s family. According to Trakt TV, the Win family has a dark secret that has to do with Djins and black magic. Because of the hauntings, Win decides to move his family to the farthest south of Thailand in Narathiwat Province, in Su-ngai Kolok (FYI, Narathiwat is near Kelantan and Perak).

As he thought it would solve their problems, things took a more eerie turn instead. Their problems are way worse than before. Follow Win and his family as they navigate their way out of the terror surrounding them.

It’s trending

The movie hit cinemas on 27 September in Thailand and the movie is apparently trending there currently. As it is set mostly in Southern Thailand where there’s a sizeable Muslim population, many find it interesting to see a Thai movie centred around the local Muslim community there. This could be one of the reasons why this movie is trending.

Another reason that it went viral, not only in Thailand but in Malaysia and Indonesia is due to the recent launch in Bangkok where some of the crew stopped their launching ceremony at Siam Paragon Shopping Center to pray in public.

The video garnered lots of praise from Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia.


♬ bunyi asal – Wan Yoshiki

However, the title is a bit confusing for Malaysians

Apart from the horror part and the Muslim part that made the movie viral, another fact that makes Malaysians truly eager to watch this movie is the title.

Even though Khong Kaek means The Guest, that particular word means something quite vulgar in the Malay language. Just omit a few alphabets or just by pronouncing that word out loud, you’ll be turning a few Malaysian heads to you.

“Kongkek” in Malay means “making love” or generally speaking, “sexual intercourse”. Mind you, the word is even in the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka dictionary, okay.

Malaysian netizens who heard the movie title were amused and confused at the same time.

“Is this a horror movie or an R-rated movie?”

“You sure that’s a horror movie?”

“Is it about the sins of Kongkek?”

“My wife will surely scold me if I ask her to watch this movie”

Some of them had fun making jokes about the movie title.

Hmm, I find it guilty to even pronounce the title – “Hey, let’s watch Khong Kaek”

Ticket agent: What movie do you wanna watch?

Customer: We wanna watch Khong Kaek

Agent and customer: Krik krik krik *awkward silence*

Because the title can have a double meaning, please refrain from asking your friends out to watch the movie like this. *It would be a different kind of invitation*

Aminah: Let’s go Khong Kaek tonight.
Amin: Jom, usual place?

Jokes aside, it seems like many are eager to watch the film on the big screen. It sounds exciting!

Khong Kaek is set to open in Malaysian cinemas on 2 November. Thank God for e-ticketing, otherwise it will be awkward to say the name of the movie out loud at the ticket counter.

Watch the trailer here.

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