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“Teeth No Vege?” Namewee’s Hotel In Thailand Looks Fun & Quirky

“Teeth No Vege?” Namewee’s Hotel In Thailand Looks Fun & Quirky

Namewee opened the 4896 Theater Hotel in Dannok early this year after working on the project for three years.

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What has the infamous Malaysian singer Namewee been up to? It turns out that he has been busy opening a hotel in Dannok, Thailand early this year.

It’s not unusual for Namewee to have a diverse portfolio as he’s known to dabble in various projects other than making music.

Since it turned out that he didn’t actually die recently, Namewee partnered up with a friend to open a hotel named 4896 Theater Hotel in Dannok after feeling bad for all the closed businesses in the area after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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He hopes that opening a hotel in the area will encourage visitors to return to the area and enjoy the beauty of the place. Although Dannok is known for its sex industry, it does not deter Namewee who cheekily used a Chinese idiom to compare Dannok.

The emperor has three thousand beauties in the harem. Dannok’s beauties are about two thousand to eight thousand.


Dannok is also dear to him since he filmed ten music videos there such as Sorry Boss (不想上班)”, “High Pitched (飆高音)”, “Red People (紅紅年)” and “Thai Sad Song (泰傷情歌).”

What does the hotel look like?

The vintage American theatre-themed hotel is near the Thai-Malaysia border and close to attractions such as the world’s largest elephant god and many eateries.

The hotel is elaborately decorated and it’s clear that Namewee injected his personality into the decoration theme too.

An Instagram video revealed that the hotel amenities had fun names such as Hair Good Good Smell (shampoo), Body Good Good Smell (body soap), Face No Wet (shower cap), Face No Hair (shaver), Ear No Shit (cotton earbuds), Teeth No Vege (toothbrush), and Feet Dry Dry (floor mat).

Each hotel floor has a different theme based on movies from countries such as Malaysia, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Since the hotel is still new, the hotel’s bar and restaurant are not officially open yet.

While the area may not suit everyone, the hotel seems like a unique enough stay if you dare.

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