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Wanna Go To Nights Of Fright 9? Here’s What You Need To Know

Wanna Go To Nights Of Fright 9? Here’s What You Need To Know

Nights Of Fright 9 will be showcased every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month of October.

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Another year, another “Nights of Fright”!

Established in 2013, Nights Of Fright (NOF) is a festival of fear dedicated to attracting horrorphiles and thrill-seekers alike on the month of Halloween to experience gripping haunted attractions in a single theme park.

So what’s different this year?

In this 9th edition (NOF9) of the annual haunted scare-fest in Sunway Lagoon, the theme is “Fields of Fear”. With new themes come new hair-raising attractions.

This year, get ready for eight themed haunted houses, 11 thrilling rides, two scare
zones, two show stages and their new and bigger Scarytales Theater.

(Credit: Nights Of Fright 9)

If you’re bored of the same old attractions every year, NOF9 brings you four new themed attractions which are Animalium, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Legend Of Sweeney Todd: Barbershop Killer Of Fleet Street and Murder At Madame Zhu. Let’s get to know them.


Animalium is set in a toxic wasteland where humans have morphed into ‘humanimal’ creatures. Brace yourselves for creatures with half-human and half-animal bodies chasing you down the murky corridors.

(Credit: TRP)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

If you watched this gory movie, you’ll definitely wanna see it live at NOF9! Check out Leatherface’s lair with his famous collections of scalps and victims. There’s even a conveyor belt displaying bloody parts of his victims, yikes!

(Credit: TRP)

The Legend Of Sweeney Todd: Barbershop Killer Of Fleet Street

Dare to delve into the infamous barber shop, Sweeney Todd’s vengeful blade and
Mrs. Lovett’s mouth-watering meat pies await you. But careful of those pies, one might wonder what’s in them. Your trip to the barber might be a deadly one!

(Credit: TRP)

Murder At Madame Zhu

Chinatown chaos ensues at Madame Zhu’s Noodle House in Hong Kong. In this exclusive restaurant, there is a crazy chef on the loose, butchering customers in every scene! Be careful of what you order!

(Credit: TRP)

Other attractions that are making a comeback include The Asylum, Lucha Libre 2, Horrorwood Studios, Hammer Icons of Horror and the Scarytales Theater: Dark Silk.

Lucha Libre 2

You gotta brace yourselves and wrestle with the Mexican fighters for this one. Aim for the face! Kidding. But you are going to see an underground wrestling match. Not just a regular wrestling match, a match in 3D! Chant on the name Lucha and maybe they’ll spare you!

(Credit: TRP)

Hammer Icons of Horror

If you love classic horror movies then you’ll love this one! Meet iconic characters like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Abominable Snowman and more. Watch scenes of classic horror movies and enjoy the swirling vortex in 3D!

(Credit: TRP)

Scarytales Theatre: Dark Silk

In this theater that could fit almost 40-50 people, you’ll be engrossed in the true story of the Thai Silk King, Jim Thomson, who came to Cameron Highlands in 1967. One day, after he went for a morning walk, he vanished, never to be seen again. Watch out for Orang Asli legends and other interactive characters in the theater as well.

(Credit: Nights Of Fright 9)

Horrorwood Studios

How do you feel about the House of Wax? Are you ready to face the iconic characters like Billy, Pennywise and Ghost Face coming to life? They might look like a wax doll, but you gotta check twice. Did that thing just move?

(Credit: TRP)

The Asylum

Sinister patients have been imprisoned for far too long in the aslyum of terror. Pay a visit to see these caged deranged inmates. Careful, one might escape the cages and unleash their madness on you!

Here’s a map of the attractions, rides and scare zones for you to get familiar with.

(Credit: Sunway Lagoon / Facebook)

Our review

If you don’t have the Xpress pass, you’ll likely just go through 4 or 5 attractions because the line is super long! If you have the Xpress Pass, you might make it to all 9 attractions, but you won’t have time to enjoy all the rides. So manage your time effectively!

Among all of the haunted houses, we recommend Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scarytales Theatre: Dark Silk and Hammer Icons Of Horror.

(Credit: TRP)

You can also enjoy some of the theme park rides if the haunted houses is taking too long. Try rides such as the Lost City Of Gold Scream Coaster, Apache Pots, Grand Canyon River Rapids, and Pirate’s Revenge.

In our honest opinion, if you’re a fan of horror movies and can take your dose of jumpscares very easily, this will just be a place full of cosplayers to get pictures with. But if you can’t stand scary stuff, you’ll actually enjoy this better (not getting a peaceful sleep is a bonus!).

In fact, these haunted houses are fun to go to with your friends or family who are scaredy cats. You probably won’t be shocked by the ghosts but you’ll totally get shocked by your faint-of-heart company’s screams. That’s what makes it all fun and worth it!

(Credit: TRP)


Just a tip, bring in your hand fan or mini fan with you as the line can be long at times and it’ll be super hot!

You can bring your own small water bottle or you can also buy food and drinks there too. They have burgers, hotdogs, pasta and more. Just prepare extra money to spend on food as it’s quite pricey.

(Credit: TRP)

Do not touch the actors and they will not touch you, remember that. The actors will only scare you as they can only do jumpscares. They won’t chase, touch, or engage in a lengthy conversation with you as they have many other people to scare.

So, get your friends and family to tag along and witness one of the most iconic events in Malaysia on Halloween month!

Nights Of Fright 9

Dates: Every weekend until 31 October 2023 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Venue: Sunway Lagoon

Duration: 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm

Ticket Price: RM128 for admission tickets, add on RM98 for Xpress Pass (Package 1) or add RM138 for Xpress Pass (Package 3). [Package 2 Xpress Passes are sold out]

View the details and get the tickets here.

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