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This Dad Drafts Up Amusing Contract For His Young Daughters To Not Have A BF

This Dad Drafts Up Amusing Contract For His Young Daughters To Not Have A BF

The dad who’s also a firefighter drafted contracts for this toddlers, much to the amusement of netizens.

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Fathers have a unique way of taking care of their children, don’t they? Although they may seem strict, sometimes, they’re goofy and hilarious too. These are the kinds of memories that a child would enjoy, even if they’re too young to understand.

Speaking of being too young to understand, these little girls are in for a long-term agreement with their father, without them even realizing it.

(Credit: @abah_double_sumayyah / TikTok)

Recently, a TikTok user (@abah_double_sumayyah) who’s also a firefighter, shared a video of him making a “legal” contract with his toddlers that cracked up the public.

His caption read, “This is the age we can make various agreements and hold them to it when they’re older,”. The video garnered 720.1 K views and 83.2 K likes at the time of writing.

In his video, he sat down with his two daughters at a table and asked them to pay full attention to him. He showed them a document with a few papers attached together.

(Credit: @abah_double_sumayyah / TikTok)

He explained to them that it was a contract that they needed to sign to promise him that they wouldn’t have boyfriends until they finished their studies.

The document read “Agreement Form Between Dad and Kids – No Dating Until Completion of Studies”.

The funny thing about all this is that both of the children nodded their heads obediently as if they knew what they were getting into.

(Credit: @abah_double_sumayyah / TikTok)

Then, he made both of them sign the papers by giving them a pencil. Instead of a normal signature, both of their signatures looked like a doodling mark.

After that, he shook their hands and took a picture of the “ceremony” so he’d have proof of the incident when they grew up.

He also clarified that “studies” meant after diplomas or degrees, and not just up to Form 5.

Very specific, isn’t it?

@abah_double_sumayyah Time2 umur mcmni la kita buat perjanjian dengan diorang. Senang dah beso boleh claim 😆#fypdongggggggg #anakperempuanku❤️😘 #CapCut ♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)

Signed and sealed!

Netizens had a good laugh when they saw the video on TikTok. In the comment section, a lot of people expressed their amusement.

Some users joked that, if they breach the black-and-white contract, they’ll be called to court or have a hefty fine to pay.

Others said that with witnesses as much as these, they have no choice but to follow.

Some even joked that their dads must’ve done this agreement too when they were kids. That explains why they’re still single.

So, did your father do something like this to you too when you were a kid?

Did they strictly tell you to not have partners while you’re young and then wonder why you’re not married yet when you’re an adult?

In that case, welcome to the group. 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼

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