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Father Jokes About Selling Son After Boy Drops His New iPhone 15 Pro Max

Father Jokes About Selling Son After Boy Drops His New iPhone 15 Pro Max

His joke caused a hysterical reaction among netizens online.

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We all know how expensive iPhones can be. Although they do come with exceptional features, purchasing an iPhone can sometimes take a toll on one’s wallet, given how pricey they can be – especially with the newer models. 

Hence, a local father is going viral online for his hilarious reaction upon learning that his new iPhone 15 Pro Max’s screen cracked due to his son. 


As stated in his Facebook post, Jackie Chew had just purchased the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max. He, like many, was excited and happy about the purchase. 

Unfortunately for him, the excitement did not last as his son had dropped his phone the following week, causing the phone to crack. 

Chew reacted to the scenario hilariously while detailing the event on Facebook. Instead of trying to sell the phone, he jokingly wrote about selling his 12-year-old son due to the clumsy incident. 

“My son dropped my iPhone 15 pro max which I just bought last week and cracked the phone slightly. Still in working condition but decided to sell it off cheap. Below are the specs. PM me if keen. 

“12 years old, Chinese, Male, Speaks English and Mandarin, Price negotiable,” he humourously wrote. 

The post has since garnered over 109,000 shares with 282,000 likes as of this writing. 

Apple Care? 

The comment section was filled with laughter as netizens were cracking up over the father’s jokes. Users joined in on the father’s joke, writing various hilarious comments. 


“Apple care?” asked a netizen. Another netizen chimed in, and jokingly replied, “No-one cares.” 

Others asked about the possibility of purchasing the child, jokingly asking if the child could do house chores well and feed chickens. 

To which, his father replied, by saying “He’s a fast learner bro and he eats very little.” 


Do not panic

But jokes aside, if your phone dropped and your iPhone camera is cracked/broken, you can look at following these steps to ensure they are still working or not. 

  • Open the camera app. 
  • If the camera application cannot be opened at all or there is an ‘error’ message, it means the camera needs to be replaced. 
  • If the camera cannot be opened at all or there is an ‘error’ message, it means the camera needs to be replaced.
  • If there is no ‘error’, try taking a picture using the camera to find out if it has problems such as blurriness or if the screen is blank. 
  • Once everything has been ensured, try opening the WhatsApp application and making a video call with a friend. If you can still see your friend clearly, it means your iPhone camera is still working. 

But if the opposite happens, send the store straight away. So, there you have it!

While many joke about his phone’s condition, we certainly do hope that he has the means to replace his old phone. 

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