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[Watch] “It’s Already Night, Already Maghrib” Boy Scolds Father For Coming Home Late

[Watch] “It’s Already Night, Already Maghrib” Boy Scolds Father For Coming Home Late

The young boy posed an adorable yet intimidating figure while armed with a green plastic hanger when his father came home late at night.

Adeline Leong

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Parents are usually the ones questioning their children for coming home late after a night out with friends.

However, the tables turned for a parent one night when he was ‘caught’ coming home late from his exercise, and it was all caught on video.

The young child scolding a man believed to be his father was too adorable for netizens.

@ierashac Replying to @opiee02 Kita dulu kalau balik time2 macam ni, sebelum masuk rumah, dapat habuan dulu. 🤣 #IDarwish #parents #asianparenting #parenting #fyp ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Armed with a green plastic hanger, the young boy questioned the man to find out why he was home late.

Why [are] you late? Next time no cycling. You see it’s already night. It’s already maghrib.

Young boy with a plastic hanger

It appeared that the man just came back from a night of cycling and apologised to his son profusely outside the door grille.

Netizens adored the cute interaction and praised the boy for helping his mother “scold” the father. They also loved how fierce he was towards the father.

Other netizens jokingly wished the man good luck upon spotting the green hanger in the boy’s hand and advised him to stop cycling at night.

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