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2YO Makes Malaysia Book Of Records For Remembering 40 Flags In 1 Minute

2YO Makes Malaysia Book Of Records For Remembering 40 Flags In 1 Minute

Aavyn Eliseus Ng can remember a total of 139 flags at 2 years old but made MBOR for identifying 40 flags in 1 minute.

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Child prodigy Aavyn Eliseus Ng makes headlines in local news for his exceptional memory for a 2-year-and-9-month-old.

He can remember 40 flags in 1 minute and has earned a spot in the Malaysian Book Of Records (MBOR) for the Most International Flags Identified By A Toddler in 1 Minute on 3 August at the MBOR HQ office in Brickfields, KL.

Not only that, Minister of Youth & Sport Hannah Yeoh expressed her interest in meeting the boy personally. They met on 28 August and Aavyn showed off his skills to her by identifying all the 16 flags in Malaysia including the federal territories.

(Credit: Hannah Yeoh/Facebook)

Yeoh shared the video on her social media account on 8 September and it caught the attention of Malaysians all over.

Not everyone can identify the 14 Malaysian flags correctly, let alone know all the 3 flags of federal territories.

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Netizens are mind-blown

Netizens were amazed by how fast and flawlessly this toddler could name the state flags in one minute.

Most of them applaud Aavyn as they themselves can’t even remember all the flags.

Some thanked the kid for introducing the Labuan flag as most people have never seen the flag.

Others were amused by how adorable he was in the tuxedo and the way he pronounced the names.

How he started

Aavyn’s 33-year-old mother Erica Ng Joe Yin, said that she exposed him and his twin sister, Aaryn to the Jalur Gemilang flag when they were 2 years and 4 months old.

According to her Facebook posts, she said she wanted them to know Malaysia, nothing less, nothing more.

But one day, Aavyn came to her and said the most adorable thing.

Mamii, IndeeeAr!! IndeeeAr!! (INDIA)

Aavyn to his mom

She was speechless as she thought she only taught him about the Malaysian flag, so how could he remember India? Her maid told her that she used to tell him about the Indian flag whenever they played mini flags.

(Credit: Erica Ng Joe Yin/Facebook)

Curious, Ng, tried to teach him more flags using placards and surely enough, the boy really had a knack for remembering flags in a short period of time.

In an interview with The Star, Ng said that he could even name the flags on the TV screen while his great-grandfather was watching international badminton tournaments.

Since then, Ng has been introducing new flags to both of her kids and trained Aavyn to remember them all.

According to World Of Buzz (WOB), Aavyn hasn’t even started reading yet, but he has an impressive ability to recognize the flags of the world.

It took the little genius 3 months to learn the flags and it was a learning opportunity for Ng too. She would introduce 2-3 flags per day to him, and learned about the flags too as she went along.

Just two weeks before the record attempt, she stopped introducing new flags to him and started to work on his speed. She would quiz him three times a day for 10 minutes approximately.

She said while Aavyn loves to say the flag names out loud, her little princess, Aaryn loves to point at countries on the world map.

(Credit: Erica Ng Joe Yin/Facebook)

He actually remembers a total of 139 flags

Aavyn actually remembers a total of 139 flags currently.

But he has his bad days too. There are times when he gets playful, cranky or just bored. When he would intentionally name a flag incorrectly, that’s his sign that he wanted to stop.

And sometimes, he has trouble remembering them too, especially the long-name ones or the hard ones. For countries with difficult names, Ng devised a fun and interactive way for Aavyn to memorise them.

(Credit: Hannah Yeoh, Erica Ng Joe Yin/Facebook)

For example, the flag of Brunei has two hands facing sideways. I used my hands to cover my face, playfully saying ‘peek-a-boo’ before mentioning Brunei.

Another example is Antigua and Barbuda, where the sun is incorporated in the flag. I taught him that during sunrise, ants will go marching one by one. From there, I got him to remember Antigua and Barbuda.

Erica Ng Joe Yin, Aavyn’s mother

As reported by WOB, Ng said that she wants to enrol the twins in school next year when they turn 3. However, she doesn’t put any high expectations on their future. She said that as long as they grow up healthy and able to do what they love, that’s more than enough for her.

Watch how fast he can identify the world flags in this news coverage by China Press.

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