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10-Year-Old Malaysian Carnatic Singer Makes Malaysia Book Of Records With Tamil Single

10-Year-Old Malaysian Carnatic Singer Makes Malaysia Book Of Records With Tamil Single

Thanisya secures herself a place in the Malaysia Book of Records by becoming the youngest artist to release a Tamil single on YouTube.

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In a remarkable achievement that has captured the attention of music enthusiasts nationwide, 10-year-old Thanisya Rethina Naidu, a prodigious talent, has etched her name in the annals of Malaysian music history.

Breaking barriers and defying expectations, this young artist has soared to unprecedented heights by becoming the youngest artist ever to release a Tamil single on YouTube, securing her place in the prestigious Malaysia Book of Records.

As reported by The Star, her debut single “Paravai Pol” (Like A Bird) composed by MR Ashok Kumar, has captivated audiences and earned widespread admiration, offering a heartfelt melody that resonates with the joy of childhood and encourages young listeners to embrace life’s simple pleasures.

I feel very happy and proud of my achievement. My teachers, friends and family members are proud that I have made my way into the MBR. It’s a big achievement, and I’m so excited.

Thanisya Rethina Naidu

The song, which was uploaded in March, resonates heartfelt emotions, reminding children of the beauty that surrounds them.

The song serves as a melodic bridge between the allure of technology and the serenity of the natural world.

Its intentions?

Simple. To capture young hearts and minds and gently guide them away from the confines of screens.

Produced by Infinite Musical Studio, Thanisya’s song invites children to immerse themselves in the richness of life’s wonders.

I have always wanted to release my own song after watching many talent shows on TV. My mother constantly motivates me too. So when Malaysian composer/musician Ashok Kumar approached me and offered me the opportunity to release a single, without thinking, I said yes.

Thanisya Rethina Naidu

The Malaysia Book of Records too, uploaded a congragulatory post for the young singer on their Instagram.

Congratulations lil Ms. Thanisya Rethina Naidu! Looking forward to more amazing music from you in the future.

@malaysiabookofrecords via Instagram

However, to achieve great things one also has to hurdle through obstacles.

This was no different for the young singer.

Thanisya said one of the hardest obstacles she had to overcome was tackling the melody and high notes in the song.

Certain lines of the song were difficult, but I managed it well. My composer and teacher said I did well for a first timer.

Thanisya Rethina Naidu

In the interview, she also noted that she had always had a strong passion for singing, adding that her favourite singers were South Indian Carnatic vocalist Sid Sriram and Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

To practise her vocals, at the tender age of four, Thanisya began her journey of learning sangeetham (vocal music) under the guidance of renowned vocalist Sharmila Sivaguru.

Sharmila also shares her voice as the back up vocal for Thanisya’s song Paravai Pol.

Through these weekly classes that Thanisya has dedicated herself to, she honed her vocal skills.

Furthermore, Thanisya also recently had the privilege of being interviewed on the renowned Astro program, ‘Saravedi Night,’ as reported by Varnam Malaysia.

Joining her in the interview was MR Ashok Kumar, the accomplished music composer and lyricist behind her hit song, ‘Paravai Pol.’

During the engaging conversation, MR Ashok Kumar revealed his intention to explore a semi-classical song for Thanisya, a desire that resonated with the young artist herself. In a captivating moment, Thanisya showcased her versatility by singing a few lines from the soul-stirring melody, ‘Alaipaayuthe Kanna,’ leaving the audience in awe of her talent.

In addition to her achievements, Thanisya has reached an impressive milestone in her budding career by advancing to the first level of auditions for the esteemed singing competition, ‘Super Singer Junior Season 9.’

Her mother, @yogeswarymoorthy updated on her personal Instagram that the auditions, which took place at the prestigious Sunway Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on June 3, 2023, provided an invaluable platform for Thanisya to once again exhibit her extraordinary talent.

@yogeswarymoorthy via Instagram

In her caption she praised her daughter for her achievements and said she was super proud of her daughter for being the top 10 of the 200 participants.

Super super proud & happy!!! My dolly has been been selected in Malaysia 1st Level Audition 🎼💃😍. 10 out of nearly 200 participants were chosen in the 1st level audition.

@yogeswarymoorthy via Instagram

While Thanisya’s musical message is a powerful, her achievements are also a stark reminder that one can achieve great things if they believe they can.

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