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Oyen Cat Gives Birth To 13 Oyen Furbabies And They All Look Like Chicken McNuggets!

Oyen Cat Gives Birth To 13 Oyen Furbabies And They All Look Like Chicken McNuggets!

Not only are there 13 kittens, but they’re all gingers, thanks to their ginger parents.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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Did you know that a normal cat litter may be in the range of 4 to eight kittens? It’s quite normal to see smaller and larger litter too.

However, recently, a TikTok user, @khai.kjunior shared a video of his ginger cat or more commonly known as ‘Oyen’ in Malaysia, who had just given birth to 13 kittens! And the crazy part is that they’re all ginger or Oyen!

The video went viral with 186.5 K views and 17.6 K likes at the moment of writing.

@khai.kjunior Kucing aku beranak 13 ekor sekali gus! Record Baru?😂 #kitten #cats #birth #13 #senah #pening #kucing #oyen ♬ dumb dumb – sped up – mazie

In the video, Khai is seen counting the number of kittens by picking them up one by one to show us that it’s really 13 little newborns.

In another video, Khai revealed their orange tabby mother, named Senah. She definitely seemed tired from managing her 13 furbabies.

After a few father-reveal requests, Khai did another video suspecting the father of the children to be his neighbour’s cat, who’s also a full oyen cat left with only one eye.

Netizens are amused

It’s not every day you can find a 13-kitten litter being all orange. Malaysian netizens found the incident quite amusing and expressed their feelings regarding it.

Some made jokes and some wished Khai the best as orange cats are notorious for being mischievous goofballs and a little more aggressive than other cats.

“13 causes of future world problems”.

“The one with the white colour must be the youngest because their mother ran out of orange ink”.

“They’re all orange. Goodluck sleeping with one eye open”.

“Senah looks stressed”.

Unfortunately, only 12 are left now

However, as incredible as the 13-kitten news sounds, in a usual cat litter, one or two kittens could usually die because of malnourishment or other causes. It’s survival of the fittest.

That being said, Khai also said that one of the kittens died yesterday, in a more recent TikTok video.

Although he expected it to happen, he was still sad nevertheless.

Some people pointed out that their mother must not be giving enough milk due to the abnormal number of kittens. They gave him tips to manually care for the kittens themselves by buying milk and feeding them every two hours.

We hope the other kitties will survive the real world and will end up with caring owners in the future.

What’s the largest cat litter in the world?

The largest litter of domestic cats is 19 kittens, birthed by a Burmese/Siamese cat called Tarawood Antigone, belonging to Valerie Gane in Oxfordshire, UK.

However, 4 kittens in the litter were stillborn, while the remaining 15 kittens included 14 males and one female.

This incident happened in August 1970 and it also made it into the Guinness World Records on 7 August 1970.

Fun Fact: Because of genetics, orange cats are mostly male. They have a gender percentage of 80% male and 20% female. Plus, orange cats talk A LOT.

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