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Missing For Over A Month From Pet Hotel In Kelantan, Oyen Is Finally Home

Missing For Over A Month From Pet Hotel In Kelantan, Oyen Is Finally Home

The ginger cat was checked into a pet hotel by his owner before going missing.

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Pet lovers will usually do anything to make sure that their pets are comfortable and taken care of in their absence.

That is why there are many pet hotel services being offered to accommodate pet owners who need to travel.

However, last month, Twitter user @QueenTelekungSK shared a heartbreaking story about how her cat, Oyen, had disappeared from a pet hotel in Kelantan.

The incident happened more than a month ago, on 23 November.


Before Oyen ran away, the hotel was filming him on the front counter with the shop door left open. They were working off the assumption that Oyen was domesticated and would not bolt.

However, Sharah had informed them from the beginning that Oyen was very timid. The cat then ran out, startled by the sound of the car, and went into a bush before going missing.

Sharah did not give up on finding her cat. On 2 December, she uploaded a picture of a “Lost Cat” poster to find Oyen.


This was after they worked very hard at trying to locate the cat within the vicinity of the pet hotel.

But there was no news about Oyen. Until this week.

Oyen Was Found After 1 Month And 3 Days

Fortunately, Oyen was finally found after a month and three days of being missing.

Through Sharah’s recent tweet, Oyen had been looked after by someone and was found by an acquaintance of the hotel’s owner. Further information about Oyen’s discovery was not shared by Sharah.


Oyen looked healthy, but there were a few cuts and patches of plucked hair on his body.


Oyen is also said to have green and liquefied stools. Sharah found that it might be because Oyen had eaten various types of food given to him while he was away from home.

Sharah was advised to take Oyen to the vet for further examination.


Sharah thanked everyone who helped with the search and prayed for her cat. She also apologised for indirectly causing the cat hotel to go viral due to the loss of Oyen.

Tips To Find A Lost Cat

If you lost a cat, here are some tips that may help in your search:

Search Instantly

When you notice that the cat is missing, look for them immediately because they may still be in the vicinity.

Bring Favourite Foods

Favourite foods should be brought when looking for a cat to coax them out of their hiding place. You can also bring their favourite toy.

Cat Calling Softly

Even if you’re looking for a lost cat, don’t scream as loud as you can because it might scare the poor feline. Try to call the cat in a soft voice, as if to persuade them.

Listen Intently

Always be aware of your surroundings during the search process to hear your cat. Also, be reminded to take your time when looking for a cat so that they can hear your voice and smell your scent.

Ask the Public for Help

Inform the neighbours about the loss of the cat so that they are aware of the situation. With today’s technology, social media can also be used to spread the news to the public. This will expand the search radius.

Putting Clothes Outside the House

You can also put clothes that have been worn outside the house or in the area where the cat was last seen. This is said to spread your scent and attract the cat’s attention.

Communicate With Other Cats

Although it sounds strange, this is the most frequently used tip, believed to have been started by the Japanese. You can try talking to other cats in the area to ask them to find the missing cat and ask them to come home.

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