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M’sian dips 3X Spicy Chicken in Cempedak McFlurry; gets called out by McD

M’sian dips 3X Spicy Chicken in Cempedak McFlurry; gets called out by McD


Malaysians and spiciness are two things that are inseparable.

But how pedas is too PEDAS?

Because Twitter’s @lameymon might have just overestimated the pedas-ness of McDonald’s latest 3x Spicy Ayam Goreng that he just needed to do this…

To which the chicken creators themselves, McDonalds Malaysia replied.

Child, I don’t know la…

Basically, Twitterjaya is just shooketh by his bizarre combination.

Can you eat properly?

Twitterjaya is claiming that the only normal thing to dip into ice cream is fries.

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Some are demanding an explanation.

I mean, if you already know you can’t tahan the pedas, then don’t order la right?

To which he replied;

You don’t understand, I wanted to try. So I bought the set (got 2 pieces). Already tried 1, that also super spicy. But because I didn’t want to waste the other piece, I tried this.

When I throw = wrong
When I try my way to finish it = wrong

Malay Netizen 🤷🏻‍♂

But would @lameymon do it again?

No. Seems like he really didn’t have what it takes to stomach the spiciness that is Ayam Goreng McD 3X Spicy.

@EiraSyahera: Okayh, so no more spicy…But your stomach OK or not?? Did you get a stomach ache after dipping your chicken in ice cream??

@lameymon: Gastric, I won’t eat it anyomore

So what’s your verdict? Would you do it?

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