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A Glimpse Into The World Of Tim Burton

A Glimpse Into The World Of Tim Burton

The renowned director had to cancel his appearance after he contracted Covid-19.

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The World Of Tim Burton, a pop-up museum, explores the creative mind and expressions of the director who is known for movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, among others.

What makes this pop-up museum even more special is that Malaysia is the only country in Southeast Asia to host this event. This serves as a chance for people in Asia to catch a close-up glimpse into Burton’s incredible works.

This once in a lifetime experience is open to the public from 21 March till 30 July 2023.

Burton was initially supposed to grace the opening however he was not able to make it after contracting Covid-19 and had to go under quarantine.

The director is known for his amazing works in filmmaking and animation worldwide, and this pop-up museum will allow visitors and fans to experience his creative works beyond what we see on movie screens.

There is a total of 10 sections where each showcases Burton’s works right from his childhood to his famous characters and letters that will allow you a peek behind the scenes.

Figurative Works

This is the section displaying Burton’s personal artworks. It helps visitors understand how Burton views the physical reality. There is one caricature in this section which was based on the people that Burton saw waiting in line to watch a movie at a movie theatre in 1975.

Photo by : Keran Raj

Around the World

In this section you will explore the impulsiveness of Burton’s creative process. There are sketches made in sketchbooks, on napkins from restaurants, and hotel notepads. If you look closely, you will find his perspective in these sketches of the people and places that he encountered during his travels as a film director.

Photo by : Keran Raj

Film Characters

This section gives viewers who are familiar with Burton’s films a closer look at well-known characters and settings. Drawings, videos, writing notes, storyboards, puppets, and maquettes demonstrate how Burton’s concepts for movie characters evolved into the characters we see on screen. Going through this section will definitely bring back many childhood memories.

Photo by : Keran Raj

There is also an exclusive collection of the limited edition books commissioned by Burton that were privately distributed to only the cast and crew members at the end of his films

Photo by : Keran Raj

Unrealised Projects

This section covers the projects that were a abandoned at various stages of their making. This section opens a whole new world of Burton’s creativity that did not make it to the big screen. The sketches in this section offer a unique look into undiscovered projects that confirm the consistency of the artist’s themes and motifs and also served as inspiration for Burton’s art exhibition’s display designs.

Photo by : Keran Raj

Artist Studio

Here for the first time is a portion of Burton’s studio, recreated for the people to have a peek into the solidarity artist’s workspace. Just by looking into the recreated studio, one can feel the passion of Burton towards the art that he produces. Current initiatives are shown in the sketches and drawings on cork boards, including those he made for the statues at the entrance to his Seoul exhibition and his next TV project, Wednesday.

Photo by : Keran Raj

Tickets are RM88 for adults, RM68 for kids and seniors, and RM48 for OKU. The season pass, which allows for multiple visits, is RM498.

There is a VIP bundle which costs RM1,500. This bundle includes a season pass, a virtual master class with Burton himself, The Art of Tim Burton book, and exclusive signed merchandise.

Again as mentioned above, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see, understand and for a moment just to experience the works of one of the greatest artist in filmmaking.

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